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Clean Up After Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather 

During stormy weather, residents may have additional tree branches and yard waste that require disposal. These items can be disposed of as part of the City’s weekly compost and yard waste collection service. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure your material is collected. 

  • Branches can be tied in bundles or placed in compostable waste containers or paper yard bags
  • Branch bundles can be up to 1m (3.3’) in length and up to 60 cm (2’) in diameter
  • Bundles must be tied with cotton or natural string/twine
  • Branches and stumps can be up to 15cm (6”) in diameter
  • Up to ten items (combination of containers, bags or bundles) will be collected each week

Materials that do not meet these specifications cannot be accepted with the curbside collection. During storm season  disposal volumes increase and curbside collection services may extend into the early evenings, so please leave your material at the curb.

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Compost and Yard Waste Drop-Off

Tree branches and yard waste can also be dropped off at the Net Zero Waste composting facility located at 5050 Gladwin Road.

Residents that receive the City’s curbside collection service can use one of the free yard waste coupons that were mailed out with the annual collection calendar. A gate charge will apply for those without a coupon. 

Additional charges may apply for larger diameter stumps and branches.

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Large Stumps and Branches and Other Debris

Larger stumps and branches are often too large to be picked up through curbside collection and are best handled by a tree service contractor. Residents can also bring these items to Net Zero Waste for a charge. Other storm-related debris such as damaged fences and building material can be taken to one of the following transfer stations:

  • First Class Transfer Station located at 34613 Vye Road
  • Waste Connections of Canada Transfer Station located at 34321 Industrial Way

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