Community Safety Tips

Abbotsford experiences a variety of weather related events, including extreme heat, wind storms, snow storms, heavy rains, extreme cold, hail and fog. These weather events may result in a wide range of community impacts ranging from temporary power and utility outages, to frozen water lines, and closed roads.  Below are some community safety tips on the types of occurrences that are likely to occur in Abbotsford.

Extreme Cold Weather

Rain and Stormy Weather

Winter Safety

Frozen Water Lines

Extreme Heat and Hot Weather

When faced with heat events in Abbotsford during the summer, it’s important we all stay safe. Following a few key tips will help ensure you and your family members stay healthy and cooled down during a summer heat wave, sometimes referred to as extreme heat.

Heat warnings are issued by Environment Canada and are defined as a period of three or more days in a row when the maximum temperature is 32°C. When there is a heat warning, residents are advised to follow the following tips from Fraser Health Authority to avoid heat exhaustion.

Living with Wildlife