BC Summer Games Legacy

Legacy Funds

“After hosting a great Games in July 2016, we are so excited to announce we have $152,000 that will be disbursed to non-profit sport, recreational and cultural  organizations and or governing bodies operating within the City of Abbotsford. 

The Games were a tremendous success due in large part to the generosity of our corporate and community partners. The BC Sumer Games in Abbotsford was host to 18 Sport  Provincial Sporting Event with 2,441 athletes, 479 coaches, 300 officials. There is also a living legacy left in the community with the 2,700  volunteers who increased their skill development  As part of the legacy from hosting funds are available to inject back into the community through non-profit sport, cultural or community organizations We are so proud to leave such a large and permanent legacy of the Games in Abbotsford. 

The Legacy Fund will ensure the spirit of the Games will continue to live in Abbotsford for a long time,” 

Abbotsford 2016 BC Summer Games President - Steve Carlton 

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BC Summer Games Criteria:

The Legacy Committee will consider initiatives brought forward by committee members that best meet the broad criteria contained herein: 

The Legacy Committee will consider committing the legacy funds to: 

  • a limited number of special capital projects related to sport, recreation or culture; 
  • a sustainable fund dedicated to sport in the community created at a local foundation; 
  • projects requesting a minimum of $30,000. 

The Legacy Committee will consider projects based on their higher visibility and broad impact within and across the community. 

Wherever possible the Legacy Committee will consider investing in projects being planned or projects in development where combining funds and cost sharing will enhance the scope of the project.

Wherever possible, the project(s) will give permanence to the legacy of the Abbotsford 2016 BC Summer Games in the community. 

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Sport, Recreation and Culture 

For the purposes of this Legacy fund policy and the distribution of the Abbotsford 2016 BC Summer Games Society legacy funds, ’non-profit sport, recreational and cultural organizations’ shall include: Recognized Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) - Organizations that receive Block Contribution and/or Athlete Assistance and/or Team BC funding from the Ministry Responsible for Sport, 

Organizations that are not a recognized provincial sport organization (as defined above) but have full-medal status in one of the following: Canada Games; Olympic or Paralympic Games; Pan American Games; Commonwealth Games. 

  • Athlete Development: The project should make reference to the PSO athlete development model, and what stage of the model at which the project is aimed. 
  • Multi-sport Projects: Multi-sport projects have greater impact on the community. Projects in sports for children with high relevance to later development in other sports, such as soccer and gymnastics, might be considered as having multi-sport impact. 
  • Equitable, in race, gender, and disability: A project that addresses a group under-represented in sport, (includes persons with a mental or physical disability, women and girls, and aboriginal peoples) may have significant impact on both community well-being, and on potential performance. 
  • Local non-profit organizations that promote recreational activities for children within the age range of BC Games participants. 
  • Local non-profit organizations that promote cultural activities within the community. There would be an emphasis on cultural programming with a focus on children and their cultural literacy. 

The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 31 at 4:00pm

Email applications to

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