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Homelessness Action Plan

Homelessness Action Plan

Housing is the cornerstone of any community, providing shelter for households, establishing a foundation for realizing peoples’ potential, and enabling their participation in society and the economy. Planning for and anticipating future requirements can help better address Abbotsford’s needs as they evolve over time and help to reduce the risk of homelessness in our community.

Abbotsford City Council’s Task Force on Homelessness has developed a plan with the goal of ensuring that everyone in Abbotsford has a home. While the importance of having emergency supports in place for people who have become homeless is understood, the focus of this plan is to also create conditions that prevent homelessness and quickly support those who have become homeless to again have a home. 

In order to achieve this intention, the Task Force on Homelessness developed five strategic directions to guide the Homelessness Action Plan. With these strategic directions and principles in mind, the Task Force further developed recommended priority actions under each strategic direction. It is understood that the City of Abbotsford may not necessarily be the organization that takes the lead on the implementation of all of these actions, but that the City will work with BC Housing, Fraser Health Authority and service provider organizations to ensure each of these recommendations is addressed.

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5 Strategic Directions

  • Direction 1 - Facilitate housing first, but not housing only;
  • Direction 2 - Advocate for housing and wrap-around support;
  • Direction 3 - Initiate a prevention program;
  • Direction 4 - Create a culture of inclusiveness and respect;
  • Direction 5 - Foster collaboration between agencies, community and government

See the Homelessness Action Plan for full details on the Strategic Directions

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The Homelessness Action Plan builds on important community initiatives, promotes collaboration around new ideas and proposes immediate actions to address some of the recognized issues. In addressing these challenges, it is recognized that there is a need for a multi-jurisdictional approach (i.e. Federal, Provincial, Fraser Health Authority, and various service providers) to support a “grass-roots” response to the issue.

The end of homelessness is a collective effort and requires partnerships with all levels of government and with the private, non-profit, faith-based, education and research organizations and countless volunteers, including those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Through partnership and collaboration, it is believed the priority actions and recommendations will positively affect housing and service outcomes across the housing spectrum for vulnerable citizens in Abbotsford.

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Progress Updates

Regional Forum on Housing First Best Practices

Homelessness Road Map Workshop - May 18th 2016

Building on the years of collaborative work by Abbotsford service providers, outreach workers, and local organizations to support vulnerable individuals, City of Abbotsford retained the services of The Integral Strategy Network to facilitate a series of workshops and interviews with local stakeholders to create a Collaborative Roadmap for the Prevention of and Response to Homelessness in Abbotsford. The Integral Strategy is designed specifically to address complex challenges that require multiple stakeholders to align their efforts. The Roadmap serves as a Homelessness in Abbotsford Action Plan implementation tool; which, facilitates priority action setting, shared outcomes and a holistic approach to respond to and prevent homelessness.  Eleven (11) key capability areas have been identified, which will support continued collaborative stakeholder engagement and action.  Generating a well-coordinated, high-functioning and sustainable prevention and response system,  will support Abbotsford to be a socially and economically vibrant community.  Please contact City Hall for more information about the process or opportunities for participation.

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