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Contaminated Sites

Contaminated Sites in Abbotsford

Toxic substances may exist in the soil vapour, sediment, surface water, and groundwater of current or historic industrial and commercial properties in Abbotsford. Such properties may be deemed contaminated if substances occur at concentrations:

  • above background (normally occurring) levels and pose or are likely to pose an immediate or long-term hazard to human health or the environment; or
  • exceeding levels specified in policies and regulations.

Consequently, the Ministry of Environment, under authority of the Environmental Management Act and the Contaminated Sites Regulation, may require a Schedule 1 - Site Profile if a property with a current or historic Schedule 2 use applies for:

  • subdivision
  • rezoning
  • development or development variance permit
  • removal of soil from the site

This examination ensures the property is suitable for the proposed use and is safe for human health and the environment.

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Site Registry

The public can access records (if available) on a property through the Site Registry. The Site Registry  documents milestones in the cleanup process of a property. The Registry contains information on properties that have been investigated and cleaned up in BC since 1988. The Site Registry is not solely for contaminated properties. Some properties in the Registry are contaminated, but most are simply being investigated and require little, if any, cleanup or they have already been cleaned up to government standards.

The public can access Site Registry records through BC Online. Users are required to establish an account before they carry out their first search. View the Site Registry User’s Guide  for an overview and other general information.

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Visit the Ministry of Environment for more information on the site profile process, standards, legislation, and guidance in assessing and remediation of contaminated sites. A number of useful links are found below:

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