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Seasonal Tips

Christmas Wrapping Paper is Not Recyclable

When wrapping up presents, consider using re-useable gift bags, tins, shopping bags, a scarf, t-shirt or blanket as an alternative to wrapping paper.  Christmas wrapping paper cannot be recycled due to low quality paper and the number of contaminants.  Blue bags containing wrapping paper will not be collected.    

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Compost Your Christmas Tree

Real Christmas trees are compostable.  After the holiday season, after you have removed all decorations, you can either dispose of your tree by using the curbside compostable collection program or by dropping off your Christmas tree for a minimum donation of $4 per tree at the Net Zero Waste Abbotsford Composting Facility, located at 5050 Gladwin Road.  All donations will be given to a charity to make others’ Christmas holidays a little brighter.  If you have any questions regarding disposal of Christmas trees and other compostable waste at the Composting Facility, please call 604-557-7065.  

If disposing of your Christmas tree by using the curbside compostable waste collection program, you can cut up your tree into sections and place it into your compostable waste container or into tied bundles (according to curbside collection requirements).  If you have any questions regarding using the curbside collection program, please email or call 604-864-5514.

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Your Curbside Collection Calendar

You should have received your 2017 curbside collection calendar by mid to late December. If you have not received your 2017 collection calendar by the end of December, please call 604-864-5514 and we will have one mailed to you, or you can view and print your calendar online.   

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City Waste Collection during Extreme Winter Weather

The City will make every attempt to collect curbside recycling, compostables and garbage during snow and ice conditions. However, safety is always the highest priority.  If weather conditions pose too high of a risk, we will not be collecting and ask that you set out your materials on your next collection day.  The usual container limits will be doubled for areas that have missed a collection day.  On some occasions the City, or its contractor, may provide additional collection as soon as possible after the missed collection day.
For more information, please email or call 604-853-5485 regarding CITY pickup or 604-864-5640 regarding Contractor pickup.

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Frozen Material in Curbside Containers

Winter temperatures can freeze garbage and compost inside your curbside container and make it difficult to collect. To avoid injury and damaging containers, collection workers are only able to provide limited shaking and hitting of containers against the truck to dislodge frozen materials. To prevent compostable materials from freezing to the sides of your container, please line it with crumpled newspaper, paper, dry grass, branches or cedar needles.  Please also ensure your garbage and compost containers have a secure lid when placing them outdoors to prevent rain from entering and freezing. If you have any questions, please contact the engineering department at or 604-853-5485.   

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