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Who provides garbage and recycling collection at ICI properties?

ICI properties are required to make their own arrangement for collection and disposal of all waste streams.     

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Is recycling collection required at ICI properties?

Every ICI property is required to provide collection for blue bag recyclables and ensure the recyclables are delivered to an authorized recycling depot as needed.  

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Do ICI properties follow the Recycle BC recycling guidelines?

ICI recycling is provided by private contractors. If your contractor is taking the recycling to a Recycle BC facility, then you must follow the Recycle BC guidelines. Please confirm with your collection contractor.

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Is compostable collection required at ICI properties?

Compostable collection is required at food services and food processing businesses in Abbotsford, and is encouraged, but not required at other ICI properties. The City is planning to introduce composting requirements to the rest of the ICI sector in 2018 in conjunction with similar programs across the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD). The program will be aligned with new regional sorting requirements to help divert 80% of material from landfills by 2020, as outlined in the FVRD’s Solid Waste Management Plan Update 2016-2026. The City is developing its new program in partnership with the FVRD in order to realize synergies and ensure consistent messaging across the region. As part of the City’s proposed program, every ICI property will be required to provide separate compostables collection. Additional information will be provided as the new measures are developed.

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