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Fix-It & Swap Events

Fix-It & Swap Events

Fix-It events help people learn repair skills to make their stuff last longer, help people save money by repairing what they have, and help the environment by fixing things instead of throwing them away. At a typical event, residents can expect fixing stations for clothing, textiles, electronics, small appliances, power tools, bikes, jewelry, woodwork and more! Volunteer “fixers” will help repair your items for free.  

For the swap portion of the event, bring your clean and gently worn clothing and accessories and swap for new-to-you pieces to change up your wardrobe. Leftover items will be donated. 

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Upcoming Events 

Events are held in Ag-Rec Building located at 32470 Haida Drive. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all events are currently on hold until it is safe to resume public gatherings. When public events can resume, future event dates and times will be posted here.  

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Event Partners

Frameworq Education Society is a non-profit organization with the mission to overthrow a throwaway culture, bring back repair skills, build resilient communities, and divert textile waste from the landfill. Frameworq Education Society is partnering with the City of Abbotsford to provide clothing repair services and hair scrunchie making stations at the fix-it events.

MetroVan Repair Cafes is an organization that coordinates and runs repair café events at various locations around the Lower Mainland, with a focus on bringing about change to the way that people interact with their possession and in doing so bring about greater environmental sustainability, more inclusive communities, and stronger local economies. MetroVan Repair Cafes is partnering with the City of Abbotsford to provide a variety of repair services.

ElectroRecycle is a small appliance and power tool recycling program operated by the Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association (CESA). In BC, ElectroRecycle accepts more than 400 types of small appliances and power tools for recycling at select depots, recycling centers, thrift stores, municipal facilities, retailers and community events. ElectroRecycle is partnering with the City of Abbotsford to provide recycling services for small appliances and power tools.    

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fix-It event?

Fix-It events are one-day events where residents in our community can get expert help to repair household items for free. The events are part of the City’s waste diversion efforts and aim to find innovative ways to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill each year through promoting the 5 “R’s” of the waste reduction hierarchy: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, and Recycle.

The Fix-It events also provide opportunities for knowledge-sharing and community building. They are participatory events – visitors are required to be present for the repair and are encouraged to get involved for a full learning and skill building experience! No experience necessary and all are welcome.

Check out the City’s vlog on a recent fix-it event held in our community.

How does a Fix-It event work?

Bring your broken, worn out, or ripped items for assessment, disassembly and possible repair. First you will sign in at the event so that your items can be counted and/or weighed. Then you will be directed to a Fixer who will review your item with you to determine whether it can be fixed and will then assist you with repairing it. Items are repaired on a first-come first-served basis and there are no reservations or drop offs accepted. You can anticipate to wait in line so please arrive early and be patient.

Check out the City’s vlog on a recent fix-it event held in our community.   

Do I need to bring any tools or supplies?

No. Fixers have the most common tools needed for repairs. If your item requires a specialty tool (i.e., odd shaped screw driver head) or replacement part please bring it along. Sewing machines, threads, needles, and most other repair supplies will be provided on site.  

Can I drop my item off and come back later to pick it up?

No. Visitors must be present and are encouraged to get involved. This is a meeting of volunteers and neighbours helping each other out, learning about repair, and getting more life out of the things they already own.

Can I bring more than one item to fix?

Yes!  Please note that only one item will be able to be repaired at a time and you will need to re-queue for each additional item.

What kinds of things can I bring to the event to be repaired?

Fixers will be on hand to repair things like for clothing, textiles, electronics, small appliances, power tools, bikes, jewelry, small furniture and more!  Rule of thumb: if you can’t carry the item by yourself don’t bring it (no stoves, fridges, etc.).

What do I do with items that can’t be fixed?

Clothing, textiles, electronics, small appliances, and power tools that can’t be fixed will be collected at the event for proper recycling. If you can’t make it to an event, look up your item using the City’s Waste Wizard to find depots and other locations where the item can be dropped off for free recycling.

What kinds of things can I bring to the event to be swapped? 

Clothing swaps are a great opportunity to make space and clear out closets. Bring your quality, clean, gently worn items to give away, and swap them for new things. Accepted items include women’s clothing, men’s clothing, youth clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

What is a fixer?

Fixers are volunteers who enjoy repairing household items while helping visitors learn. When a visitor comes to their table, the fixer will confirm whether the visitor prefers to work on the item themselves with guidance, jointly, or observe while the fixer does the repair for them. If the fixer does the repair on the visitor’s behalf, the fixer will explain the diagnosis and repair steps.    

Can I volunteer as a fixer or as another role at an event?

Fix-It events rely on local handy-people to pitch in to make the event a success, so if you’re an amateur DIY-er, fixer-upper or tinkerer, consider volunteering at an event. You don’t need to be an expert to volunteer as even the slightest know-how can help. To volunteer to help with clothing or textile repairs, please contact Frameworq Education Society. To volunteer to help with all other repairs, please contact MetroVan Repair Cafes.

We are always looking for volunteers to provide general event support including set-up, greeting visitors, visitor registration, counting and weighing items, and assistance with sorting and folding clothes. If these duties interest you, please contact City of Abbotsford Volunteer Services.

Can I visit the event if I have nothing to repair or swap?

Yes! Come check out an event, see how repairs are done, or lend a hand with someone else’s repair job.  

How can I receive news about future events?

There are lots of ways to stay in touch:

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Fix-It Resources

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Contact Information

Any questions, suggestions or comments can be sent to or by calling 604-864-5514.

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