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Curbside Collection Program Changes

About the Upcoming Changes to the Curbside Collection Program

Abbotsford City Council has approved the implementation of a new Solid Waste Operations Master Plan. The new Plan outlines several changes to the curbside collection program to align with Council’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan and will provide more efficient delivery of program services, improve worker health and safety, and potentially lead to additional collection services for residents. The major change will be adopting a cart-based, automatic collection system, where residents are provided three carts; one each for recycling, compostables and garbage. Recycling pick-up will change to every other week from the current weekly pick-up. Garbage will continue to be picked up every other week, and compostables will be picked up weekly. City collection crews will continue to collect curbside material on the west side of the City and contractor collection crews will collect material on the east side of the City. The City will also be undertaking a comprehensive cost analysis on what it costs to collect glass and large oversized items such as furniture and mattresses.

The changes to the curbside collection program are expected to be operational by late-2020. Residents will be informed well in advance of any changes. New information will be posted to this webpage as it becomes available. View FAQs for changes coming to the curbside collection program


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Stage 1 – Initial Plan Approval

Stage 1 is now complete. The Solid Waste Operations Master Plan was presented to and approved by Council in the Executive Meeting on July 22, 2019. A copy of the report and meeting minutes are provided below.

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Stage 2 is currently in progress. The Solid Waste Operations Master Plan approved by Council in Stage 1 will be used to help develop program requirements. During this stage focus will be placed on the following tasks:

  • Obtain pricing and order six new curbside City collection vehicles that are designed for automated collection;
  • Order carts designed for the automated collection of curbside recycling, compostables and garbage;
  • Award contract for the contractor collection services for curbside material on the east side of Abbotsford;
  • Obtain pricing for monthly glass collection and large item pick-up service and report back to Council on actual costs and user fee impacts;
  • Evaluate collection routes for efficiency of service and identify needs for optimization.

Updated information will be provided as the Stage 2 tasks are completed.

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Stage 3 – Education and Support

During stage 3, focus will be placed on providing education and support to residents in preparation for program implementation. Information will be provided during this stage regarding a variety of topics such as cart sizes, cart delivery schedule, curbside cart placement requirements, collection schedule changes, etc.

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Stage 4 – Program Implementation

Program implementation will focus on education and support. The implementation timeline will be determined during Stage 2.

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