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Compost Giveaway

Great Compost Giveaway & Rainbarrel Sale

Please note that the 2020 compost giveaway is currently postponed pending the resolution of the COVID-19 situation. We hope to host this event later this year if it is safe to do so. Event information will be updated on this page and on the City's social media channels once a date and time have been confirmed so please check back soon! 

Spring has sprung and we will be celebrating with an event in honour of Drinking Water Week and International Compost Awareness Week!

Date: To be determined
Time: To be determined
Location: To be determined

The City will be offering free compost to residents on a first-come, first served basis. Proof of Abbotsford residence will be required to claim the free compost. Quantities per vehicle are limited to either two bags of compost or three standard garbage containers (80 litres) filled with compost. The compost is made at Net Zero Waste Abbotsford from the food and yard waste collected in the curbside compostables program. 

 Preordered rainbarrels will also be available for pick up at the event.

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What to Bring

This is a self-serve event so residents need to come prepared to hand load the compost and need to bring the following items:

  • Shovels
  • Gloves
  • Containers to hold compost (e.g., garbage cans, reusable containers, yard waste bags, garbage bags, pick-up bed or trailer for hauling)
  • Tarps to cover and secure any compost loaded into truck beds

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Compost Use

A little compost goes a long way!  Using compost in your garden completes the circle of sustainability and makes your garden waterwise for summertime growing. Compost is a soil amendment that can improve the health of lawns, flower beds and gardens. It enhances soil structure, increases soil nutrient content, improves moisture retention and fosters plant health. While compost may look like dirt or soil it is neither. Compost needs to be used along with soil and cannot be used as a replacement for soil. Compost can be used in many ways such as:

  • Soil amendment – mix the compost into your soil; and
  • Top dressing or mulch – spread compost on top of your existing soil.

Consult your garden centre, nursery or horticultural expert to determine how to best mix this compost for your specific application. Additional tips on how to best use compost is available from the Compost Council of Canada or by visiting

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Save water by using a rainbarrel to water your vegetable gardens, hanging baskets and trees. Rainbarrels are available in 300 litres and 520 litres sizes. For more information and to pre-order, visit Rainbarrels will be available for pick up at the event.  

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