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Compost Giveaway

2020 Drive-Thru Compost Giveaway

Thank you to everyone that participated in the first annual compost giveaway held on September 26, 2020!

Residents began lining up for compost three hours before the event started. To minimize traffic congestion, we started the event early. Over 250 vehicles were loaded with one 35 L bag of pure compost and one 35 L bag of potting soil compost mix. Ten pallets of compost, totaling 6,500 kg, were given away and all material was distributed by 10:45 am. The compost was made from the yard waste and food waste collected in the City's curbside collection program and was made by Net Zero Waste Abbotsford. With the overwhelming interest in the year's event, planning is already underway to enable more residents to access compost at a spring 2021 event.

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2021 Compost Giveaway

To promote water conservation and the benefits of using compost, the City is tentatively planning to host another compost giveaway in May 2021 to celebrate Drinking Water Week and International Compost Awareness Week.  Compost will be available to residents on a first-come, first-served basis at a one-day event, while supplies last.  Event information will be posted as soon as it becomes available, so please check back soon!

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Compost Use

A little compost goes a long way! Using compost in your garden completes the circle of sustainability and makes your garden waterwise for growing. Compost is a soil amendment that can improve the health of lawns, flower beds and gardens. It enhances soil structure, increases soil nutrient content, improves moisture retention and fosters plant health. While compost may look like dirt or soil, it is neither. Compost needs to be used along with soil and cannot be used as a replacement for soil. Compost can be used in many ways such as:

  • soil amendment – mix the compost into your soil; and
  • top dressing or mulch – spread compost on top of your existing soil.

Consult your garden centre, nursery or horticultural expert to determine how to best mix this compost for your specific application. Additional tips on how to best use compost is available from the Compost Council of Canada or by visiting

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