City Of Abbotsford  
Construction 3

Autocad Drafting Standards

ICIS Membership The following compressed (.zip) files will provide access to the following:
  • Autocad (.dwg) template file with layers and line types containing multiple layouts for:
    • sheet frame and title block
    • drawing notes
    • sample cover sheet
    • service record card
    • fire hydrant card
  • Plot configuration file (.stb)
  • Symbol library file (.zip)

To use the City of Abbotsford drafting standards please download the Autocad Template files listed below (right click on the link, and "Save Target As...")

***Please ensure to download the correct template file for you application ***
(Developer vs. City contracts or Airport and AMWSC drawings)

downloadDevelopment Drawing Template - last updated: August 26, 2020

downloadCity Contract Drawing Template - last updated August 26, 2020

downloadAbbotsford Airport Drawing Template - last updated January 17, 2017

downloadAMWSC Drawing Template - last updated January 17, 2017