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Capital Projects

Capital Project List

The Engineering Department is responsible for the implementation of the design and construction of a large capital works program. Council approves funding for capital works involving roads, drainage, water and sewer projects. As a result of Abbotsford's role operating the joint Abbotsford/Mission water and sewer utility, projects involving the supply, transmission and storage of potable water and the treatment of sanitary sewage are included in the overall capital program of the City of Abbotsford.

Information on the various projects, including parks and recreation projects, is provided on the Current Capital Projects page. Project searches can be done by street name or by using the drop down menu under Project Type.

Each project has information on:

  • Project description and work scope
  • Contact name and telephone number of the assigned City Project Manager
  • Anticipated start and completion dates
  • Special project notes

Each project is linked to the City's WebMap and with a click of the mouse, the specific location map for each project can be displayed.

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