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Water Wise Portal

Water Wise PortalThe Water Wise Portal is a new resource to track and monitor your household’s or business’ water usage. You need a MyCity account to log into this free service.  Once you sign up for MyCity, you can download the Water Wise Portal App, so you can view the portal on your mobile device, get alerts and notifications about your water on the go! 

  • Track your water usage by month, day hour and season
  • Compare your water usage from month to month
  • Set a budget amount and receive alerts when you are close to your total
  • Compare your water usage to the neighbhourhood  average 
  • Receive service alerts from the City
  • Sign up for water conservation programs and rebates
  • Set up alerts for leaks
  • Connect directly with water staff for answers to questions about your usage

To sign up for mycity online account:

  • Register at
  • Use the register link to create an account
  • When you receive the confirmation email, follow the instructions to complete your registration. 
  • When your registration is complete, log into your MyCity account and use the “Edit Account” button and register your utility account and access code. These can be found on your last bill.
  • Click on the water portal icon and start conserving and reserving! 

Click here to download the mobile app from the Apple store or Google play, or access through the City’s @abbotsford app!

Note that you need a MyCity account to use the Water Wise mobile app. This resource is available for all customers that are receiving water service from the City of Abbotsford.  Mission residents and residents receiving water through the Clearbrook Waterworks District are not eligible for this service. 

Download the Water Wise Portal App today from the App Store or Google Play. 

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