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Water Leaks

What do I do if I DON'T think that I used that much water?

Contact us as soon as possible if you want us to check the water flow for a possible leak. 

Leaky toilets and taps waste water and cost you money, so taking immediate action to find and repair a leak is important.

Contact the Engineering department at 604-864-5511 or email us at

More information about AMI water meters is available on the AMI water meters page.

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Will the City notify me if they suspect a leak at my property?

AMI meter technology allows us to set parameters that enable the system to identify possible leaks.

When possible leaks are identified a letter is mailed to the customer advising them of the constant consumption. A second and third letter may be mailed if the consumption continues.

While we do monitor non-residential customers for possible leaks the parameters for unusual use are more complex given the varied nature of the water consumption patterns. 

You can be excluded from notification process by contacting the Engineering department at 604-864-5511 or email

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Will the City reduce my utility bill if there was a leak?

One-time leak adjustments are available to all properties in Abbotsford after prompt repairs are done. Billing adjustments are based on the previous years’ daily average of consumption, prior to the leak. In order to qualify for an adjustment, repairs must be done within 30 days of any leak notification, including a ‘possible leak’ letter or an unusual utility bill. The costs of repairs are the responsibility of the property owner.

More information on the terms and conditions for leak adjustments in included in the Waterworks Regulations Bylaw No. 2665-2017.

Apply for an adjustment online.

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Is there a dispute process?

Yes. You may dispute your utility bill if you have ruled out all high consumption possibilities and you still feel your bill is incorrect.  There is a service fee associated with site visits or testing. 

To file a dispute, download the Utility Bill Dispute form. Complete the form and submit it to the Engineering department at City Hall via email or Canada Post.

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