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AMI Water Meters

What is a AMI Water Meter?

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Water Meters allow for all residential and business water meters to be read remotely via a regular radio frequency transmission sent directly from each individual meter. By the end of June 2011, nearly every property receiving water from the City’s water system will have had their meter connected to a radio transmitter that sends reading data to City Hall.

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Do I need to do any maintenance on the AMI water meter?

No. The AMI water meter transmits data through a radio antenna located in the meter box. If you cut your grass short, we recommend that you do not mow directly over top of the meter box or landscape (place rocks, flower pots or other objects) around or on the meter lid.

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Why use AMI water meter technology?

The AMI water meters are less expensive to operate and maintain. They provide a snapshot of water consumption across the City in near real time which will assist staff in anticipating water demands and assists with water conservation.

The water meter reports also provide the added benefit to residents of early leak detection which could have previously gone undetected for up to 12 months.

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How does this enhance customer service?

The AMI water meters provide earlier leak detection which could have previously gone undetected for up to a year. At any time, a resident is able to assess their consumption in near real time by contacting the Engineering Department at City Hall.

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How does the AMI water metering system work?

Every AMI water meter in the City conducts a meter read every hour and transmits this data through a standard radio frequency. The data is received by several collecting units throughout the City and is transmitted to City Hall.

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How often is my meter being read?

Water consumption is measured every hour and data is transmitted daily. However, an on demand read is possible at any point in time.  Information on water and sewer billing is available on the utility billing FAQ's page.

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Why did we update the water metering system?

The City of Abbotsford’s previous water meters were only able to measure to the nearest cubic meter (1000 litres) and is ineffective in early leak detection. The new AMI water meter system is able to read meters on a close to real-time basis and will be able to read consumption to the nearest litre. This is essential in detecting water leaks and managing the City of Abbotsford’s overall water system.

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What do I do if I think I have a water leak?

If you believe you have a water leak, please phone Wateruse hotline at 604-864-5511 as soon as possible.  The City will review your account activity and advise you of any potential issues.  If it is determined that you do have a water leak we suggest that you contact a plumber immediately.

Some of the areas that should be checked are as follows:

  • toilets
  • hot water tanks
  • pressure release valves (PRV)
  • main waterline
  • pee traps
  • outside hoses and taps
  • irrigation systems

For more information about the AMI water meter system please contact the City of Abbotsford at 604-864-5511 or email

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