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COVID 19 Supply Hub

The Province has launched the COVID-19 Supply Hub, a made-in-BC online platform to co-ordinate, source and expedite medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) for provincial health authorities to support front-line health workers. 

Please direct inquiries that come your way related to offers of medical supplies and PPE to this new platform:

This platform provides a single point of entry to prioritize the thousands of offers and donations for essential supplies from business and other organizations since the onset of the COVID-19 response. It will focus on sourcing supplies for the health care system and frontline workers, though government is also accepting offers for other essentials, like cleaning supplies.

The COVID-19 Supply Hub will be managed under the new Provincial Supply Coordination Unit at Emergency Management BC, in partnership with PHSA, as part of the Province's approach to COVID-19 response and recovery. PHSA is getting inundated with daily with hundreds of generous offers from suppliers and donors, and as such, we welcome this assistance in verifying vendors and products. 

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Procurement Policy

The City of Abbotsford’s Council Policy C002-03, Purchasing, Equipment & Supplies describes how and when competitive bids are issued, approval authorization for purchases and contract execution and procedures.

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Vendor Community

Requirements for Contractors Working on City Property
Approved Vendor Program (AVP)

The Approved Vendor Program is a pre-qualified list that is used on an as needed basis for a variety of services for the City of Abbotsford. Once service providers have been approved they are added to a list that City operations can then directly award smaller work to or be invited to quote on larger jobs. There is no commitment or guarantee of work at any time. To be added to the City’s Approved Vendor Program each company must complete a registration package and submit the required documentation to the City. New applications are accepted continuously throughout each term. To apply for this program and to view any active opportunities go to the BC Bid website and browse for opportunities in Abbotsford.

Examples of services that are accepting registrations:

  • Electrical
  • Fencing
  • HVAC
  • Property Clean Up Services
Hired Equipment Program

The Hired Equipment Program is an equipment and operator registration process that creates a list of operators that supplement the City’s Engineering and Parks Operations Divisions on as, if and when needed basis. There is no commitment or guarantee of work at any time.

An invitation is advertised on BC Bid once a year. All current registered companies under this program will be sent a letter with the option to continue under this program and retain their place in the rotation. During the registration window new companies may submit registration and current companies have an opportunity to update their rates.

The following equipment categories are available under this program:

  • Tandem Dump Trucks
  • Mini/Compact Excavators - Less Than 21,000 Lbs (9,526 Kg)
  • Excavators - Greater Than 21,000 Lbs (9,526 Kg)
  • Excavators (Long Boom) - Greater Than 21,000 Lbs (9,526 Kg)
  • Backhoes
  • Skid Steers
  • Vacuum Trucks (Vacuum Only)
  • Vacuum/Flush Combination Trucks
  • Hydro Excavation Trucks (Excavation Only Not Combination Trucks)
  • Graders
  • Water Trucks
  • Miscellaneous Equipment (Combination Units)

To be added to the City’s Hired Equipment Program each company must complete a registration package during the registration window and submit the required documentation to the City. Pricing is updated annually.

To register for this program in January of each year, go to Abbotsford's Bonfire Hub or BC Bid and browse for opportunities in Abbotsford. View the full description of the Annual Hired Equipment Guide and Scope of Work.

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Current and Awarded Opportunities

All current and closed opportunities can be found on the BC Bid Website.

PROJECT ID:                                                                      PROJECT nAME  CLOSE DATE:                                                   AWARDED TO:            
1220-2015-1832  Polymer Supply for J.A.M.E.S WWTP Awarded Kermira Water Solutions Inc.
1220-2018-2204 Bank Stabilization Modeling Study Awarded

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.




Fencing AVP


On Going


Various Suppliers


Plumbing  AVP

On Going

Various Suppliers


Asphalt Products AVP

On Going

Various Suppliers 


HVAC Services AVP

On Going

Various Suppliers
 AVP-005-2020 Property Clean Up AVP 02-Mar-2020 Various Suppliers
1220-2019-2210  2019 Hired Equipment Program Awarded Various Suppliers 
1220-2019-2211  Park Washroom Cleaning Awarded

MK Building Maintenance Ltd


Bio Solids Utilization Awarded Sylvis Environmental Services Inc.

Supply and Delivery of the Replacement Media for the JAMES Plant Trickling Filter Cell #2 

Awarded Raschigs USA Inc.

Materials Testing Awarded Intertek NA Ltd


Material Testing Services Awarded     Valley Testing & Engineering 


Detention Tank Inspections

Awarded  Omega & Associates Engineering Ltd


Urban Forestry Strategy

Awarded Diamond Head Consulting Ltd


Grant Park Sport Fields Redevelopment

Awarded Cedar Crest Lands (BC) Ltd


Automotive & Equipment Batteries

Awarded 620650 BC Ltd o/a Canadian Energy Vancouver 


Property Clean Up AVP

On Going

Various Suppliers


Sumas Irrigation System Operator

Awarded DC Holdings


Replacement of MRC Waterslide

Awarded Aquatech Solutions 
1220-2019-2222  Replacement of MRC Arena Condenser and Reciprocal Compressor   
Awarded  Fraser Valley Refrigeration 
1220-2019-2224  JAMES WWTP Trickling Filter #1 Cell #2 Medial Replacement and Repair 
Awarded  Polycrete Restoration Ltd


Pine Street Storm Improvements 

Awarded OnSite Engineering Ltd 


Electrical Services AVP

On Going

Various Suppliers 


Venue Management Consulting Service Awarded J.R. Hugget Co.

Long Term Financial Plan  Awarded Hemson Consulting Ltd    
1220-2019-2232 Meeting Management Software

Awarded e-Scribe Software Ltd


Painting Services AVP

On Going  Various Suppliers 


Ditching Maintenance and Remediation

Awarded  Triple-B Excavating Ltd 
1220-2019-2238   Services for Old Clayburn Road and McKinley Drive Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons

Awarded Fraser City Installations (1989) Ltd


Engineering Services Vicarro Ranch

Awarded ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd


Stream Mapping



Culture Plan RFP

Awarded Lord Cultural Resources Planning and Management


Security Services AVP On Going Various Suppliers


Development Bylaw Awarded Urban Systems Ltd


Water Efficiency Plan

Awarded  Econics Innovation Inc 
1220-2019-2246  Space Planning Consultants Awarded 

Iredale Architecture; Ratio Architecture, Interior Design & Planning Inc., Red Real Estate Design Inc 


Fleet Standard Cargo Vans

Awarded Metro Motors Ltd
1220-2019-2248   McMillan Road Retaining Wall Stabilization 

Awarded  Geostabilization International Inc 


Supply of 5 Aluminum Dump Bodies Awarded Work Truck West


Work Alone Service

Awarded  ProTELEC Security & Safety Ltd. 


Fleet Service Body

Awarded Work Truck Wes 


Aquatics and First Aid Training Services

Awarded LIT Aquatics


Dickson Lake Cable Replacement 

Awarded  Strohmaier's Excavating Ltd.    


WiFi Services Exhibition Park

12-Sep-19  Combat Networks Inc.


WWC Service Body

Awarded Intercontinental Truck Body (BC) Inc 
1220-2019-2274   Marshall Road and Walker Crescent Drainage Improvements

Awarded Targa Contracting (2013) Ltd.

Livingston Auguston Storm Pipe Revitalization Professional Services   

Awarded  R.F. Binnie and Associates


2019 AMWSC Hydrometric Program - Flow Monitoring Maintenance Awarded Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd


Historic Downtown Parking Study Awarded  WATT Consulting Group Ltd 

MCA Video Upgrade    Awarded Paladin Technologies Inc.
1220-2019-2283  JAMES Plant Building - Moisture Ingress Repairs

Awarded Unitech Construction Management Ltd


Norrish Creek Water Intake Repairs 



Engineering Services - Saddle Creek Pump Station Awarded WSP Canada Group Ltd
Engineering Services - Campbell Road and Interprovincial 

Awarded Mott MacDonald Canada Ltd.
1220-2019-2286  Farmer and Marshall Wellfield Renewal Awarded Bervin Construction Ltd.


Rural Upland Culvert Survey and Condition Assessments Awarded Wedler Engineering LLP


Hoon Park Playground

Cancelled Cancelled    

Technical Review of Dickson Lake Dam Safety Geotechnical & Hydrotechnical Investigations

Awarded Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd


Services for Grass Mowing Cemeteries Awarded JMP Landscaping & Cityscape Solutions Inc. 

SCADA Network Design Services 

Awarded  Charles Wordsworth & Associates 

North Clearbrook Trunk Sewer (NCTS) Rehabilitation 

Awarded R.F. Binnie & Associates Ltd

Website Design and Content Management System

Awarded Upandup Studios Inc



Awarded MPE Engineering Ltd
1220-2019-2303      EOI Electric Cargo Vans & Pick-Up Trucks

Completed No Response    

Services for Grass Mowing and Litter Collection 

Awarded 0890551 BC Limited dba Alpine Landscaping
1220-2019-2306  Pavement Management System - Data Collection    

Awarded  Stantec Consulting Ltd.

2019 Sidewalk Program - Monte Vista Crescent

Awarded Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd


Courier Service

Awarded Urban Valley Transport Ltd.
1220-2019-2309  Watermain Replacement Program - Geotechnical Investigation 

Awarded  Metro Testing & Engineering Western Geotechnical  
1220-2019-2309A Watermain Replacement Program - Owners Engineer    

Awarded R.F. Binnie & Associates Ltd. 
1220-2019-2310  Queen Street Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Upgrades 


 Webbco Industrial Ltd.


Fleet Insurance Services Awarded HUB International Canada West ULC


JAMES Plant Outfall Monitoring Program

Awarded  ENKON Environmental Limited    


Supply & Delivery of Automated Garbage Trucks 26-Nov-19   


Services for East Abbotsford Garbage Collection Services Awarded Waste Connections of Canada Inc
1220-2019-2313E  Supply and Delivery of Curbside Collection Carts 27-Aug-20  


Riverside King Improvements 

Awarded  McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd.
1220-2019-2318 Design Consulting Services for Cannell Lake Dam Remediation

Awarded Ecora Engineering & Resource Group Ltd.

Collector Well Hydrogeotechnical


Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.

1220-2019-2321 APD Roofing Restoration Awarded    

Flynn Canada Ltd

1220-2019-2322   MCA Roof Replacement  


Transwest Roofing Ltd 
1220-2019-2323 Nooksack River Overflow Flood Mitigation Plan

Awarded Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.
1220-2019-2324 Old Norrish Intake Engineering Services 
Awarded Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd.


Line Hydro Blasting - YXX Awarded Dan-Mark Traffic Marking

Hoon Park Adventure Playground\

Awarded Cedar Crest Lands (BC) Ltd.

Supply and Delivery of Three (3) Diesel Tractors


Supply and Delivery of One (1) Vacuum Sweeper Vehicle


Goods and Services, Abbotsford Exhibition Park Backstops and Drainage Work 

Awarded  Cedar Crest Lands (BC) Ltd.


Digital Strategy Awarded Perry Group Consulting Ltd.


Hook Park Adventure Playground Awarded Cedar Crest Lands (BC) Ltd. 

Engineering Services - JAMES WWTP Distribution Channel, Grit Tank and PSTA Gates Condition Assessment and Upgrades

Awarded WSP Canada Group Ltd.


Abbotsford Exhibition Park Backstops and Drainage Work  Awarded Cedar Crest Lands (BC) Ltd.

Assessment Preliminary Design & Cost Estimate for Downtown 1800Ø Interplace Storm Sewer

Awarded  654465 BC Ltd dba MJ Pawlowski and Assoiciates

Engineering Services - Design & Construction of the Airport Sanitary Sewer Replacement along Firecat Avenue and Approach Drive

Awarded ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.

Rural Intersection Safety Review 

Awarded R.F. Binnie & Associates Ltd.


Traffic Data Collection  Awarded McElhanney Ltd.

Selection on one (1) Approved Reseller for the Supply of LED Street Light Luminaires 

Awarded Guillevin International Co.


JAMES Plant - Engineering Services Trickling 1 Cell 3 Media Replacement Awarded WSP Canada Group Ltd.

Supply and Delivery of the Replacement Media for the JAMES Plant Trickling Filter Cell #3



Unitech Construction Management Ltd - Ledgeview Golf Course Clubhouse 05-Dec-19  


Norrish Creek Remediation Awarded Onsite Engineering Ltd.


Hired Equipment Registration and Program 31-Mar-20  
1220-2020-2368  Horticulture Maintenance Services Awarded

Vane Lawn & Garden Services (1981) Ltd.


Cannell Lake Floating Raft Cable Replacement


Strohmaier Excavating (2019) Ltd.
1220-2020-2370  Taxi Lane Addition - Abbotsford International Airport Awarded  McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd.

Supply of Mulltifunctional Printing Devices Including Consumable, Maintenance and Services

 Awarded Konica-Minolta


Goods and Services for Aberdeen Cemetery Gateway &  Fence Renewal  


Corview Construction Ltd.

Engineering Services for Drainage Pump Stations Condition Assessment 

Awarded WSP Canada Group Ltd.

Hold Bag Screening System - Airport Conveyor

 Awarded Goertz H-VAC Industries Ltd. dba G&S Airport Conveyor

Goods and Services for Abbotsford Police Department (APD) Dodge Charger Sedan Fleet Master Agreement

1220-2020-2376B  Abbotsford Police Department (APD) SUV and Pickup Truck Fleet Supply Agreement  30-Sep-20  
1220-2020-2380  North Clearbrook Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation at Simpson Road Awarded  Mar-Tech Underground Services Ltd

Electric Ice Resurfacer(s) Preferred Supplier

Awarded Kendrick Equipment Ltd
1220-2020-2383  Seasonal Vehicle Leases for PRC Awarded ZEEMAC Vehicle Lease Ltd.

 Lawn Bowling Green Maintenance Services


JCL AG Services Inc.
1220-2020-2390  Weed Control Maintenance Service  Awarded Hacamac Enterprises Ltd. dba Nutrilawn


Supply of Loader Backhoe(s) 27-Feb-20  

Trickling Filter #1 Cell #3 Media Installation and Repairs

1220-2020-2395  Clayburn Creek/Straiton Trunck Sewerline Slope Remedition Awarded Mission Contractors Ltd.

Pre-Design Architectural Services for the Addition/Renovation of the Abbotsford Police Department (APD) Headquarters

1220-2020-2399 A & B Fleet Vehicle Outfitting Equipment Awarded HiLite Truck Accessories Ltd. and Trademasters Automotive Ltd.

Abbotsford Police Department (APD) Sedan Standardization


Design Consulting Services for new and upgraded Traffic Signals

Awarded R.F. Binnie & Associates Ltd.

AC Watermains Replacement Design-Build Project




Pepin Brook Culvert Replacement Project Awarded Luxton Construction Ltd

Lefeuvre Road Culvert Replacement Project

Awarded PW Trenchless Construction Inc.

 Construction Management Services - Airport Terminal Building

Awarded Unitech Construction Management Ltd

Abbotsford International Airport - Architectural Services - 2020-2021 ATB  Expansion and Renovations 

 Awarded  Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.
1220-2020-2407  Norrish Creek Water Intake Repairs Awarded Advanced Energy Systems Management Corp.

Design Consulting Services for the Intersection Realignment of Montvue Avenue and West Railway Street

Awarded  R.F. Binnie & Associates Ltd.

Historic Downtown Streetscape Standards & Guidelines 


Plug in Hybrid Electric (PHEV) and Battery Electric (BEV) Vehicles (Car's and Pickup Trucks) Preferred Supplier)

1220-2020-2414  Re-purposing of Used HPS Light Fixtures 30-Apr-20  

Services for City of Abbotsford Gateway Signs Refurbishment

Awarded Pacific Sign Group Inc. (dba Knight Signs)

Consulting Services for Enterprise Telecom Assessment and Recommendations


Design & Services for Maclure and McCallum Road Intersection Design

Awarded  McElhanney Ltd

Traffic Counts Program (2020-2022) - Bi-directional, Mid-Block Pedestrian and Intersection Turning Movement

1220-2020-2426  Trailer Mounted Mobile Stage Awarded Stageline Mobile Stage Inc

Preferred Dealer for Heavy Duty (Single and Tandem Axle) Cab & Chassis


First Truck Centre Vancouver Inc.
1220-2020-2429  Concrete Sidewalk and Curb Repairs Awarded Mainland Civil Site Services
1220-2020-2431  Queen Street Pump Station Forcemain Upgrade Awarded ISL Engineering and Land Services

 South Fraser Way at Abbotsford Way Traffic Signal


Arena Ice Plant Refrigeration Systems Maintenance, Inspection, Service and Repair

1220-2020-2434 Goods and Services for Chiller Replacement - Abbotsford Recreation Centre (ARC) Awarded Fraser Valley Refrigeration Ltd
1220-2020-2435  2020 Sidewalk Program Lynn Avenue and Brundige Avenue 18-Aug-20  
1220-2020-2438 Aluminum Dump Bodies on F450 04-Jun-20  
1220-2020-2439  Supply and Delivery of Two (2) Fire Rescue Vehicles  09-Jul-20  
1220-2020-2440 Engineering Services For Gill Creek Tributary Rehabilitation (2020)  Awarded
ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.
1220-2020-2441A  Snow Clearing - City Owned Parking Lots Awarded Marex Constructors Ltd 
1220-2020-2441B Snow Clearing - City Owned Parking Lots  Awarded  McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd.
1220-2020-2442  2020 CCTV Inspection of 17.5 Kilometers of Sanitary Sewers Awarded Mar-Tech Underground Services Ltd.
1220-2020-2447 JAMES Isolation Gates Awarded Deramore Construction Services Inc
1220-2020-2448  Supply of Tractor Mounted Extreme Duty Roadside Flail Mowers  17-Jul 20  
1220-2020-2449  Supply and Delivery of one (1) Self Propelled 11' Rotary Mower  23-Jul-20  
1220-2020-2451  2020 Rural Upland Culvert Survey and Condition Assessments Awarded  Wedler Engineering LLP 
1220-2020-2455  2020 Abbotsford Traffic Signal Upgrades  9-Sep-20  
1220-2020-2456 Parkview-Tims-Charlotte Bikeway Infrastructure Improvement Construction Services Project Awarded Fraser City Installations 
1220-2020-2458 Battery Electric (BEV) Vehicles Preferred Suppler Awarded TAG Automotive Inc. dba Abbotsford Hyundai
1220-2020-2466  Gladys Avenue Road Reconstruction Project - Essendene Avenue to Sentinel Drive 10-Aug-20   
1220-2020-2467 Supply of Fuel Storage and Delivery System(s) 30-Jul-20  
1220-2020-2470  Saddle Street Pump Station Upgrade 11-Aug-20  
1220-2020-2471 Cannell Lake Remediation 2020 Awarded Drake Excavating (2016) Ltd
1220-2020-2472   Janitorial Services and Supplies 14-Oct-20  
1220-2020-2474  Services for Abbotsford Police Department - Human Resources Information System  26-Aug-20  
1220-2020-2475  Monte Vista Crescent Sidewalk - Tender 18-Aug-20  
1220-2020-2476  Traffic Counts Program (Bi-Directional, Mid-Block Pedestrian and Intersection Turning Movement)  25-Aug-20  
1220-2020-2477 Clayburn Creek Flood Mitigation Improvements Project 13-Aug-20   
1220-2020-2479  Annual Traffic Control 08-Oct-20  
1220-2020-2481  Records Centre Digitization Services  29-Sep-20  
1220-2020-2483 Preferred Supplier Aluminum Dump Bodies & Plows (Single and Tandem Axle) 10-Sep-20  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What service does the procurement office provide?

The Procurement and Supply Services division is a support service for all City Divisions and a liaison between the vendor community and the City. We provide professional expertise in Procurement, Contracts and Supply Chain Management and ensure fair and transparent procurement processes are being followed.

Procurement assists in sourcing supplies, equipment and services to provide the City departments with best overall value and is authorized to issue contracts. The competitive bid process is managed in accordance with municipal guidelines, policies, legislated trade agreements and provincial laws.

Where are the City's current contract opportunities listed?

The City of Abbotsford posts the majority of competitive goods and services opportunities over $75K and construction projects over $200K on posted on the BC Bid website

Competitive opportunity documents are distributed and responses are collected through a cloud base portal called Bonfire

More information on how and when competitive bids are issued, can be found in the City of Abbotsford’s Council Policy C002-03, Purchasing, Equipment & Supplies

How are opportunities evaluated and awarded? 

The City utilizes two main types of procurement competitions:

  1. Tender

    Tenders are generally for projects with very specific mandatory requirements and most often use a low price evaluation scale to award work (low price).

  2. Request for Proposal (RFP).

RFP’s often have less mandatory requirements and are evaluated on a number of criteria with less emphasis on price. There is more flexibility with RFP’s to negotiate and clarify items with proponents and no award is guaranteed until execution of a contract.  The RFP evaluation process includes a team of evaluators who conduct an individual evaluation and then come together to discuss their results and form a consensus scoring. For most projects the highest ranked proponent based on all of the disclosed criteria (outlined in the RFP), are awarded the work. In some cases a short list will be developed from the initial evaluation and those Proponents will be further evaluated through interviews or demos. 

How do I know if my company was awarded a contract?

All companies will be sent a formal letter of regret or award for competitive opportunities they have submitted a response to, once the appropriate approvals have been completed. Any Proponent is encouraged to request a debrief of their proposal by contacting the Procurement division. Debriefs will outline the areas of strengths and opportunities in the proposals and specific observations of the evaluation team. The intent of the debrief sessions are to assist Proponents to focus on areas of their Proposals that may be developed for future competitions.

Annual Current and Awarded Opportunities can be viewed under the here.

How can I get my company on a vendor list?

The City of Abbotsford utilizes a Approved Vendor List program for specific services such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, Graphic Output and Painting for its day to day operations. New service type lists are added to this program throughout the year and the list will be updated here.

We also have an annual Hired Equipment Program in which companies can submit their company information including rates to be added to our call out list.

For all other products or services email a brief introduction of your organization or product and it will be forwarded to the appropriate divisions within the City.

What is Bonfire?

Bonfire is a secure portal to manage procurement competitions. Current Bid Opportunities and Awards can be accessed by clicking on the links as advertised in the City of Abbotsford Opportunities on BC Bid and/or in the Current Bid Opportunities on this page.

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