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Zoning Bylaw

A comprehensive four stage process that will update the 2014 Zoning Bylaw to align it with the vision and policies set out in the new Official Community Plan (OCP), adopted in June 2016.  


In 2014, a major update to the City's 1996 Zoning Bylaw was completed.  It was the first comprehensive review in nearly eighteen years and ultimately resulted in the repeal of the 1996 Zoning Bylaw and the adoption of the new Zoning Bylaw No. 2400-2014 in September 2014.  

Due to the scope of the update to the Zoning Bylaw in 2014, and the knowledge that the City was embarking on a major update to the Official Community Plan (OCP), many items were deferred until the adoption of the new OCP. That deferred work will now be completed with this initiative, along with aligning the Zoning Bylaw to the policies and vision set out in the new Official Community Plan, and repealing the Sumas Mountain Rural Land Use Bylaw (500-1992) to bring the former Area H Lands into the Zoning Bylaw that is utilized for the remainder of the City.


Stage 1 provides an overview of the required updates to existing zoning regulations in order to better align them with the policies and vision of the Official Community Plan (OCP)

View the March 14, 2018 Council Report - Zoning Bylaw Update


Stage 2 will focus on key issues and early directions arising out of Stage 1. These will help guide the development of new and/or updated regulations to align the Zoning Bylaw with the new policies and vision contained within the Official Community Plan (OCP).


Stage 3 will focus on preparing the first draft of the updates to the Zoning Bylaw using the findings from Stage 1 and 2.


Stage 4 will focus on refining the updates to the Zoning Bylaw and having it adopted by Council.

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