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As the population of Abbotsford grows to 200,000 people, the City is working to ensure we meet the needs of a growing city and that we invest in the right transportation networks and infrastructure improvements while focusing on sustainability and our environment. 

The goal of the Transportation Master Plan is to provide a strategic direction on a multi-modal plan that allows the city to achieve its vision and goals outlined in the recently adopted Official Community Plan (OCP).  The desired outcome is a plan for an integrated transportation network that will efficiently handle a growing, vibrant community with an increasing number of modal movements and modal shifts that will develop as the City grows. 



Abbotsford’s Official Community Plan (OCP), adopted in June 2016, provides a vision and a framework for how Abbotsford will grow to a population of 200,000. We are now reviewing and updating existing Master Plans and Studies to ensure all of our future operations, development, infrastructure, services, amenities and programs align with the vision set out in our OCP.

The Transportation Master Plan updated the 2007 Transportation Master Plan and reflect a refreshed vision, goals and targets for Abbotsford. Ultimately, the overall goal of the plan will be to identify ways to ensure the quality of life, economic vibrancy and environmental sustainability of the city while managing the diverse multi-modal needs of the community.


The final master plan was adopted by Council on June 25th, 2018 


We have concluded work on Stage 1 and have moved to our next phase where we will be exploring new options, and priorities for the future of transportation in the City of Abbotsford.


How will we move goods and services in the future?  What are the different modes of transportation, now and in the future?  These are some of the discussion points which we will be coming to you with.


We compiled the research and feedback we receive from stage 2, which forms the base of our Draft Plan. This is your Abbotsford, and it is important that the Transportation Master Plan is for the future that you envision!

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