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As we move through the various stages of Plan200K, we will keep you informed about important project milestones, including where we are at in the timeline, important project reports and presentations to Council.

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 View our Engagement Progress Report from our first round of public engagement (April - July 2017)​

 PRC adopted  Transportation Master Plan Transit Adopted 
 Udistrict adopted  fire adopted Drainage adopted 
 City Sewer Adopted  Joint Sewer Adopted  Joint WAter Adopted

City Water Adopted

 drainage stage 4
city water stage 4 
 city wastewater stage 4  PRC Stage 4 Transportation stage 4 
 Transit Master Plan  UDistrict Stage 4  City Water Stage 3
 PRC stage 3  City wastewater stage 3 Drainage Stage 3 
 City Centre 3 HDNP Stage 3   Udistrict stage 3
 Transportation Stage 2  PRC Stage 2  Joint Sewer Stage 3
  Transit Stage 2  Drainage Stage 2  City Water Stage 2
 City Waste Water Stage 2  fire rescue stage 2  Joint Waste Water Stage 2
 water source stage 2  willband stage 2  AgRefresh3
 hdnp stage 2  industrial stage 3  city centre stage 2
 industrial stage 2    

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