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Fishtrap Creek ISMP

The Fishtrap Creek watershed is located in the southwest portion of the City, west beyond Ross Road, north to Blueridge Drive and east to Trethewey Street.  The total catchment area is an estimated 3,000 hectares. 

Fishtrap Creek detention areas were originally built as a large stormwater management facility to minimize the downstream flooding caused by urbanization as a significant portion of the watershed is within the City's Urban Development Boundary. The watershed includes the Abbotsford International Airport, and drains south to the United States. 



Plan For 200K - Fishtrap Creek ISMP


The work on the Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) was started in late 2018. As information becomes available on public events, open houses, surveys, presentations and reports, they will be posted below under the corresponding stage.


What is an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP)?
ISMPs are action plans for protecting and improving watershed health and addressing current issues in a watershed. The ISMP process preserves watershed health as a whole, while meeting community needs and allowing development and re-development to occur. It allows for trade-offs so that environmental losses in one area within a watershed can be offset by gains in other areas thereby meeting the guiding principle of no-net-loss.

Where is the Fishtrap Creek study area?

The study area includes the Fishtrap Creek watershed north of the Canada-US border.  The study area is approximately 3,050 hectares, with main tributaries including Fishtrap Creek, East Fishtrap Creek, Waechter Creek, Peardonville Creek, Enns Brook and Logan Creek. 

What are the key issues?
The Fishtrap Creek watershed has been affected by urbanization, development and agricultural activities.  Previously identified issues include:

  • Localized flooding; 
  • Sediment deposition in detention ponds;
  • Poor drainage in lowlands/farmlands; 
  • Reduced channel capacity due to overgrowing vegetation and beaver dams;  
  • Declining number of endangered fish species; 
  • Fish and wildlife habitat loss; and 
  • Poor water quality.  
Fieldwork will be conducted to identify additional issues and we are seeking your input to make sure we have the complete picture.  

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Our Vision 

In 2016, the City adopted the new Official Community Plan (OCP) that proposed future development and densification in the Fishtrap Creek watershed.  The City’s objective is to allow development to happen as defined in the OCP without adverse effects on environmentally sensitive areas and the flooding conditions downstream.

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Flood management, clean water, productive fish habitats, and healthy natural areas for the environment are important aspects for our community. The City engaged Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. (KWL) to develop an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) for the Fishtrap Creek watershed.

The background research obtained in this stage will give us the data needed to move to our next stage where we will explore new options, and priorities for the Fishtrap Creek ISMP.

The Background Research Survey has now closed.  Results of the survey will be available in the upcoming summary report. 

May 15, 2019 - Notice to Fishtrap Creek Area Residents

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We will post information here once we complete Stage 1 - Background Research.  

Engagement Project


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