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Correct Information about the Placement of Individuals at the Alpine Inn in Abbotsford by the Province of BC

Setting the Record Straight

Posted March 16, 2016

In response to information posted on social media and through various media outlets

The City of Abbotsford would like to correct information that has appeared on social media sites and through some media channels regarding “homeless persons” being placed at the Alpine Inn.

Fraser Health has approximately 55 clients throughout the Abbotsford community who are engaged in care, and are receiving mental health services in our community. Currently, less than 12 of these clients are located at the Alpine Motor Inn on Marshall Road. Fraser Health has informed the City that these clients are closely followed by psychiatrists, nurses, social workers; and are also supported by the MPA Society.

Individuals living with mental illness reside throughout our communities. They come from all walks of life. Finding people accommodation is a key part of providing support for individuals living with mental illness as it has a tremendous impact in terms of stabilizing their lives and allowing them to address their mental health concerns.

Fraser Health is responsible for providing quality health care services to the people of Abbotsford. This includes residential care and assisted living, public health, home health, palliative care, mental health and substance use support, along with specialized programs for children, women and Aboriginal people. 

Persons wishing additional information about the Fraser Health clients residing at the Alpine Inn can contact:

Tasleem Juma 
Senior Consultant, Public Affairs, Fraser Health
Pager:  604-450-7881

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