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November 19, 2018: Public Hearing Item Cancelled due to Council Recusal

Public Hearing item: Bylaw No. 2863-2018, “Abbotsford Zoning Bylaw, 2014, Amendment Bylaw No. 221” (3100-05) (PRJ17-099)
As a regular practice, the City of Abbotsford reviews Council agendas to consider issues of quorum and ensure compliance with the Community Charter. City staff make every effort to ensure that quorum is reached for Council meetings where potential conflicts have been identified. Unfortunately, as this agenda item appeared on the first meeting of the 2018-2022 term of Council, the issue of conflict was not identified ahead of the Public Hearing being set.
If a Councillor perceives a potential conflict of interest, there are options they can consider under the Community Charter to address the conflict. Specifically in this circumstance, Section 100(4) of the Community Charter allows Councillors to recuse themselves from a meeting in order to receive legal advice on an issue and then make a determination of the validity of that perceived conflict.
The City will seek guidance from external counsel on how to address this matter and a new date for the Public Hearing will be established.