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2015 News Archives

2015-01-26 Abbotsforward Project Asks for Resident Input
2015-02-05 Air Canada rouge Announces a New Service from Abbotsford
2015-02-19 Experts Talk About Building a Better City as Part of Abbotsforward Project
2015-02-23 Prospera Sponsors Canada Day 2015
2015-03-31 New Homeless Coordinator for City of Abbotsford
2015-03-31 Official Launch of the Fraser Valley Express
2015-04-08 UDistrict Campus Neighbourhood Planning Project Launched
2015-04-12 Abbotsford Event Sets World Precedent - 1741 Females Fly Free
2015-04-13 Board of Directors in Place for 2016 BC Summer Games
2015-04-13 Economic Development Model Adopted
2015-04-14 Maclure Road Townhouse Fire Information Bulletin
2015-04-15 Abbotsforward Receives Input from Residents
2015-04-20 New General Manager for YXX
2015-04-28 Vegas in the cards for Abbotsford
2015-04-30 Involve Abbotsford Symposium
2015-05-07 CFV Transit Trip Planner
2015-05-13 Abbotsforward New Concepts Report Provides Focus for the Future
2015-05-15 New Treatment Centre for Men Opens in Abbotsford
2015-05-22 New Mental-Health Beds Coming to Abbotsford
2015-05-30 MP ED Fast Announces Federal Government Investment in Combatting Homelessness in Abbotsford
2015-06-01 Abbotsforward Big Ideas Fair - June 12 -13
2015-06-16 Order of Abbotsford
2015-06-17 Abbotsford and Mission Encourge Residents to Follow Restrictions and Conserve Water
2015-06-19 Produce Barn on No 3 Road Destroyed in Fire
2015-06-29 Abbotsford and Mission Issue Stage Three Watering Ban
2015-06-30 City Takes Extra Precautions at Canada Day Due to Hot Dry Conditions
2015-07-06 Air Quality Advisory Continuation
2015-07-16 New General Manager Engineering & Regional Utilities
2015-07-17 Extreme Fire Danager.pdf
2015-08-10 UDistrict Report Identifies Key Concepts for Planning the Neighbourhood
2015-08-28 Local Earthquake Good Reminder to be Prepared
2015-09-03 Abbotsford and Mission Return to Stage 2 Water Restrictions
2015-09-10 First Annual Abbotsford Business Walks Week Sept 15-17
2015-09-11 Abbotsford First Responders Support the Sirens for Life Campaign
2015-09-13 City of Abbotsford Issues Zoning Bylaw Infraction Notice to Conway Residence
2015-09-14 - Small Business BC CEO George Hunter joins Abbotsford Business Walk Tomorrow
2015-09-14 Abbotsford Neighbours' Day September 19
2015-09-18 Arbour Day in Abbotsford
2015-09-22 TD Tree Days Event Celebrates National Forest Week
2015-09-23 Abbotsford Wins Open for Business Award
2015-09-24 City of Abbotsford Wins Two Marketing Canada Awards
2015-10-14 Regional Forum on Housing First Best Practice
2015-10-15 UDistrict Options Reviewed with Community
2015-10-19 Abbotsforward Report Explores the Impact of Growth and Development
2015-10-26 West Jet Service to Las Vegas from Abbotsford Begins This Week
2015-10-27 Fireworks are Banned in the City of Abbotsford
2015-11-12 Environment Canada Issues Rainfall Warning for Fraser Valley
2015-11-19 Abbotsford Economic Development Unveils New Programs
2015-11-26 Province and City of Abbotsford to Partner to Provide Winter Shelter
2015-12-08 City of Abbotsford Economic Development Launches an Innovative GIS Site Finder Designed to Attract Business
2015-12-21 Temporary Response Shelter Opens Doors Today