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Vendor Payments

Electronic Funds Transfer

The City of Abbotsford pays all suppliers/vendors by electronic funds transfer. Vendors are informed in advance by email when payments are made. 

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Invoicing Requirements

The following invoicing requirements must be met in order to avoid delays in payment:

  • All invoices must reference your City of Abbotsford contact name (first and last name) and City Department name.
  • If a City of Abbotsford purchase order has been issued to you, this number must be shown on all related invoices, shipping papers, transportation bills, packages, packing lists and correspondence.
  • A separate invoice must be submitted for each shipment or delivery and mailed or delivered with the goods and/or service, unless other arrangements have been agreed to.
  • All invoices must bear a unique reference (invoice) number, a brief description of the goods and/or services being supplied.
  • Your GST/HST and PST registration number (if applicable) when you supply taxable goods and/or services to the City.
  • The City’s payment terms are net 30 days, unless otherwise approved by the Manager, Purchasing & Supply Services.

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Supplier Account Information Instructions and Form

Please download and print the Supplier Account Information form which must be completed and returned to the City along with a “void” cheque, by mail, email or fax to:

Mail: City of Abbotsford
Accounts Payable Division
32315 South Fraser Way,
Abbotsford, BC V2T 1W7
Fax:    604-853-7968

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