City Hall

Bylaw Modernization Project

The City of Abbotsford bylaws, policies and procedures are now available at

As part of the Bylaw Modernization Project, the City has updated virtually all of its 112 bylaws to enhance the customer experience by making bylaws easy to use, easy to read, and accessible. The bylaws are now published in a web-friendly format and includes hyperlinked tables of contents and cross-references within and between City bylaws as well as provincial and federal laws cited within the bylaw text.

As part of the transition to the site hosted by Queen's Printer of BC, we will be removing the existing bylaws, policies and procedures from the Civicweb repository that also houses Council reports and agendas. Please ensure to edit all previously bookmarked bylaws.  

For more information about the Bylaw Modernization Project, view the Council Report - COR 014-2019: Bylaw Modernization Project, April 10, 2019.