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Intergovernmental Relations


Intergovernmental Relations supports Council, the Chief Administrative Officer and the Strategic Leadership Team by providing advice and guidance on provincial and federal policy matters, proactively building strong relationships with other levels of government, municipal and community partners and outside agencies to influence policies, advance community needs and further the City’s strategic interests. Guided by the Vision and direction of the City of Abbotsford’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, Intergovernmental Relations works collaboratively with City departments and business units to identify issues and opportunities to advocate to other orders of government including regional and civic partners.

The goal for the City's intergovernmental advocacy activities is to inform and influence the decisions and actions of other levels of government on matters that impact our community. Intergovernmental Relations will continue to establish the City as a recognized municipality of influence within the municipal, provincial and federal contexts; communicating the City’s positions on key policy issues, articulating its priorities and ensuring understanding of the City’s vision. 

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Advocacy and Coordination

  • Provide corporate support, leadership and focus for intergovernmental and external relations issues and opportunities.
  • Support the City’s advocacy efforts aimed at governments (federal, provincial and municipal), other municipal and regional partners and key external stakeholders.
  • Participate on committees, working groups, and other related forums mandated to address intergovernmental, regional, inter-municipal and key community/institutional stakeholder priorities and issues 

Relationship Support and Development

  • Coordinate and facilitate relationships and partnerships with other orders of government, municipalities and municipal organizations, and key external stakeholders.
  • Support efforts to address intergovernmental, regional, inter-municipal and other external stakeholder priorities and issues.

Research and Analysis

  • Monitor and analyze trends and issues that are intergovernmental or inter-municipal in nature and are of interest to the City, the region, neighbouring municipalities and partner municipal organizations.
  • Review federal and provincial policy, and legislative and program changes as they relate to the City, region, municipalities in general or other key external stakeholders.
  • Communicate and foster an understanding of intergovernmental and inter-municipal issues and trends (including major policy changes and milestones) across the corporation.