City Of Abbotsford  
City Hall

Submitted Nomination Packages - 2018

Pursuant to Election Bylaw No. 2814-2018, from the time of the delivery of any nomination documents to the Chief Election Officer, until 30 days after the declaration of the election results, nomination documents will be available for public inspection at Abbotsford City Hall during regular office hours, or may be viewed online.

COUNCILLOR - Banman, Bruce
COUNCILLOR - Barkman, Les
COUNCILLOR - Blue, Sandy
COUNCILLOR - Chahal, Kelly
COUNCILLOR - Dimanno, Vince
COUNCILLOR - Falk, Brenda
COUNCILLOR - Flavelle, Aird
COUNCILLOR - Jongsma, Harvey
COUNCILLOR - Loewen, Dave
COUNCILLOR - Manocha, Harry
COUNCILLOR - Redekopp, Paul
COUNCILLOR - Reynolds, Josh
COUNCILLOR - Ross, Patricia
COUNCILLOR - Sidhu, Dave
COUNCILLOR - Siemens, Ross
COUNCILLOR - Tilley, Lawrence G
MAYOR - Braun, Henry
MAYOR - Eros, Trevor
MAYOR - Gill, Moe
MAYOR - Nyvall, Eric
MAYOR - Peachey, Gerda
MAYOR - Snow, Nadine
TRUSTEE - Anderson, Phil
TRUSTEE - Battel, Mike
TRUSTEE - Cardinal, Krista
TRUSTEE - Godwin, Shelley
TRUSTEE - Latham, Freddy
TRUSTEE - MacDonell, Graham Evan
TRUSTEE - Neufeld, Korky
TRUSTEE - Patara, Raj
TRUSTEE - Pauls, Rhonda
TRUSTEE - Petersen, Stan
TRUSTEE - Rai, Preet S
TRUSTEE - Singh, Kuldeep
TRUSTEE - Smit-Vinois, Heidi
TRUSTEE - Sobko, Kathryn
TRUSTEE - Storey, Earl
TRUSTEE - White, Jared
TRUSTEE - Wilson, Shirley