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Freedom of Information

Information is routinely available to the public. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) regulates what information is collected and controlled by public bodies in British Columbia and requires the City to provide at least partial access to most records with a few exceptions.

Examples of information that is routinely available

  • Annual Reports
  • Board of Variance agenda and minutes
  • Business Licences (issued)
  • Bylaws
  • City Budget
  • Community Plans and Studies
  • Corporate and Administrative Policies
  • Council agenda and minutes (Open meetings)
  • Council Committees agenda and minutes
  • Property Information (Zoning, Development Applications, Taxes and Utilities)
  • Staff reports to Open Council meetings

If you cannot find what you are looking for on the website, please contact us for further assistance.​

Start your search with an Informal Request

Before you make a formal request for access to records, try contacting the departments that may have the information you are seeking. You will be advised whether a formal request is needed.

City of Abbotsford Department Contacts:

 Abbotsford Airport 604-855-1001   Contact Page
 Abbotsford Police Department 604-859-5225 Contact Page
 Building Permits and Licences 604-864-5585
 Economic Development 604-864-5586
 Engineering & Regional Utilities        604-864-5514
 Finance & Corporate Services 604-864-5575
 Fire Rescue Services 604-853-3566
 Human Resources 604-864-5549
 Operations Yard (Public Works) 604-853-5485
 Parks, Recreation, & Culture 604-859-3134
 Planning & Development Services 604-864-5510

Freedom of Information Requests

If the information you are seeking is not routinely available, a written request will be required to access the records in the City's custody and control. 

Your request for records may be subject to fees. We will provide you with an estimate prior to processing your request.

FIPPA allows 30 business days for the City to respond to your request.

To make a formal request for records:

- Complete the Request for Access to Records (FOI) Form; or

- Provide correspondence (letter, e-mail, etc) stating that you are making a Freedom of Information request. Please ensure you include:

  • Contact information
  • Detailed description of which records are being requested
  • Timeline for the records you are requesting (i.e. 2014-2016)

Note: For additional information on the request process, refer to the second page of the Request for Access to Records (FOI) Form and check the links below:

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) 

To submit a Freedom of Information request, or for further information, please contact:

Legislative Services
Information and Privacy Coordinator
5th Floor, Abbotsford City Hall
32315 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, BC  V2T 1W7
Tel: 604-864-5575
Fax: 604-853-1934