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Ticket Dispute Adjudication

The Adjudication Process

  1. The Bylaw Adjudication System allows the City to enforce its bylaws using Bylaw Notices (tickets).
  2. A person that receives a ticket may either pay the fine or dispute the ticket within 14 days of the ticket being issued. 
  3. Disputed tickets are resolved in a simple, administrative manner, outside of the Provincial Court system, through an adjudication process.
  4. Hearings are held in City Hall, where an Adjudicator decides if an offence occurred, or not.
    • Please note that we do not accept ticket disputes over the phone and the clerical staff operating the counters cannot address your disputes in person.
    • All ticket disputes must be submitted using one of the applications forms list above.

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How the System Works

Drivers, residents and businesses who receive a Notice of Bylaw Violation in the City of Abbotsford have the right to dispute their violations through independent adjudicators who are contracted by the Provincial Attorney General’s Office and funded by the City. During the hearing, independent adjudicators determine whether a bylaw infraction did or did not occur. If a contravention was deemed to have occurred, the full penalty will be applied as well as an adjudication fee of $25 to offset the cost of the process. If no bylaw violation was deemed to have occurred, no fine will be applied.

Those wishing to dispute their violation notice must do so by first contacting the City by phone, fax or email within 14 days of issuance. At that point, the adjudication program is a three step process:

  1. The disputant applies in writing for an adjudicator to hear the case. The individual disputing their violation notice (disputant) will have the opportunity to speak with a City screening officer. The screening officer will review the details of the violation notice and may cancel it due to technical error or extraordinary circumstances as established by City Council. If the screening officer does not cancel the ticket, it will be scheduled for a hearing, or may be paid, whichever the client chooses
  2. If going forward to adjudication, the disputant will advise the screening officer which method of hearing they prefer - mail, fax, phone, email or in person. At that time, the screening officer will notify the disputant of what to do to present their case. The City will always present their case, in writing, to the adjudicator.
  3. A date and time for adjudication will be provided and the hearing will be conducted at the Abbotsford City Hall. Options include providing a representation in writing, by phone or in person. The full penalty amount and the adjudication fee of $25 are payable only if the contravention was deemed to have occurred and the violation notice is upheld.

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