Curbside Collection Program Changes

In 2019, City Council approved the implementation of a new Solid Waste Operations Master Plan which outlined changes to the curbside collection program to align with Council’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. This new collection program will see a switch to cart-based fully automated collection system for all three streams of waste: recycling, compostables and garbage.

Program Benefits

  • Easy to roll durable carts means no heavy lifting or dragging material to the curb;
  • Secure cart lids will help neighbourhood esthetics by keeping material contained;
  • Customizable cart sizes to best suit your household needs;
  • Elimination of blue bags for recycling;
  • New “greener” collection vehicles that will run on renewable diesel; and
  • Improved worker health and safety.

Program Highlights

  • Residents can expect three 240 L carts to be delivered to homes starting in February 2021;
  • One cart will be provided for each of the three waste streams: recycling, compostables and garbage;
  • New carts will begin to be collected on Monday, April 19, 2021;
  • The 240 L carts will be used for 90 days, after which time, residents will be able to request to upsize or downsize their cart depending on their household’s waste needs;
  • Curbside recycling will change to every other week collection and will alternate with curbside garbage collection; 
  • Curbside compostables will continue to be collected weekly; and
  • All waste must be contained inside the carts (no extra garbage bags or yard waste bags).

View our new Quick Start Guide for more information on the coming cart program.

Cart Viewing Displays

There are several community opportunities to view the new carts if you can't wait to see them!

January 15 to January 25Window Viewing OnlyMatsqui Centennial Auditorium Foyer
January 15 to January 28Mall HoursSevenoaks Shopping Centre near Purdy's Chocolates
February 19 to March 4Mall HoursSevenoaks Shopping Centre near Purdy's Chocolates

New Cart Information

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