Bylaw Compliance

The Bylaw Compliance Strategy supports Council’s Strategic Plan, which outlines a commitment to Organizational Alignment encompassing consistent governance and aligned operations. It sets out a path for how the City will deliver its bylaw compliance and enforcement services with a strong focus on public awareness, consistency, fairness, and commitment to service quality.

Bylaw Compliance Strategy

The Bylaw Compliance Strategy will align with the strategic direction adopted by Abbotsford City Council, will provide enhanced customer service and achieve the following four primary objectives:

  1. Builds upon Council adopted Bylaw Compliance Policy which prioritizes how calls for service are triaged
  2. Customer centric and community focused
  3. Service delivery model aligns with current and future service demands
  4. Consistency and clarity in responses to non-compliance

Good Neighbour Guide

The Good Neighbour Guide was created to help residents and businesses understand the various regulations and bylaws to help ensure our community and neighbourhoods remain safe, healthy and a great place to live, work and play.

Good Neighbour Guide