Retails Sales of Cannabis in Abbotsford

Setting the Record Straight

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the process for regulating recreational cannabis sales within the City of Abbotsford.  

Although there have been announcements recently by the Government of BC, both the Province and the Government of Canada still have a number of key decisions to make as they prepare for legalization of non-medical cannabis in 2018. The Government of BC plans to introduce legislation in the spring legislative session and also to launch a public education campaign to ensure broad public awareness of the provincial rules before they come into force.

As both the Provincial and Federal Governments still have decisions to make regarding how senior levels of government will ultimately legalize and oversee this process, Council is unable to make an informed decision on how this new regime will be regulated at the municipal level in Abbotsford at this time. Once finalized details emerge, Abbotsford City Council will need to consider how this will impact our Zoning Bylaw and Business Licence Bylaw, among others. Until then, cannabis sales remain un-permitted in the City of Abbotsford.

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For the latest information regarding the City’s preparation and implementation of a regulatory framework for non-medical cannabis, please visit our Legalization of Non-Medical Cannabis webpage.