City hosts 6th Annual 'Involve Symposium' Virtually


The City of Abbotsford is going virtual to host its sixth annual Involve Abbotsford Symposium on November 19th 2020.
This event provides a unique training and networking opportunity to help local non-profit, sports, arts, and social service organizations develop skills, build their capacity and network with others in their sector. The Involve Symposium is free to register. This year’s focus will be on ‘Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity’ as well as ‘Self Care in the Time of a Global Pandemic.’

Archway Diversity Education will be hosting an interactive virtual workshop that will support attendees in increasing their understanding on the topics of equity, diversity, and inclusion; and how these relate to racism and discrimination in the workplace. The workshop is designed to be interactive and to promote dialogue.
Brenda Adams will be hosting a session featuring strategies to create a self-care routine that fits your life and helps people to adapt to change.

The Involve Abbotsford Symposium interactive session runs from 10am - 2:00pm on Thursday November 19th 2020.

Registration is available online 

For more information, contact:

Alex Mitchell
Public Affairs Officer
T: 604 751 3092