City allocates over $1.3M of federal Reaching Home funding to community projects

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The City of Abbotsford has allocated over $1.3 million in funding from the Government of Canada through their  Reaching Home program to projects focused on preventing and reducing homelessness in Abbotsford. 

Twelve local capital and service related projects were selected by Abbotsford’s Reaching Home Community Advisory Board, a board made up of various stakeholders representing a wide array of populations and interests directly related to program deliverables. These projects were selected for their focus on reducing homelessness overall, including reducing the number of newly homeless people, those who are becoming homeless again and those who are chronically homeless.

“I’m pleased to see this money flow into our community to provide much need support to vulnerable people by addressing challenges with homelessness,” said Henry Braun, Mayor of Abbotsford. “Thanks to support from the Government of Canada, the City of Abbotsford is able to provide funding for 12 new projects that we hope will make a true difference in preventing and reducing homelessness in Abbotsford.”

“This funding will have a positive impact as we can make progress to help those who are unsheltered in our community,” said Thetãx Chris Silver, Councillor, Sumas First Nation. “These initiatives will allow us to have something in our own nation to help stand our people up giving them a home, shelter and guidance within Semá:th.” 

These Reaching Home projects will take place in 2021-2022. Reaching Home is a community-based program aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness by providing direct support and funding to Designated Communities, Indigenous communities, territorial communities and rural and remote communities across Canada. The City of Abbotsford became a Designated Community under the Reaching Home program in June 2020. Vancity Community Foundation was contracted by the City of Abbotsford to support the organization and management of the allocated funding.

More information about Reaching Home can be found on the City of Abbotsford website at

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•    Backgrounder with funding recipient information

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