Changes to Curbside Collection Begin April 2021

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The new automated curbside collection program will be rolling out to Abbotsford residents beginning April 2021.
Last summer, City Council approved the implementation of a new Solid Waste Operations Master Plan which outlined changes to the curbside collection program to align with Council’s 2019- 2022 Strategic Plan. This new collection program will see a switch to fully automated collection for all three streams of waste: recycling, compostables and garbage.
The new program will allow the City to transition its current vehicles to renewable diesel fueled vehicles. These new vehicles will have environmental benefits and help the City meet corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets. The current hybrid collection model - City crews collecting on the west side and a contractor collecting on the east side of the city - will remain in place.
Not only is the new program “greener” with the switch to the new collection vehicles, but it will be easier for residents to simply wheel their carts to the curb, without heavy lifting or dragging. Blue bags will also no longer be required for recycling and all recycling will be placed loose in the cart, saving residents money. The carts have secure lids which make it harder for wildlife to open and will help keep neighbourhoods cleaner on collection days.

Fast Facts:
  • Residents can expect three 240 litre carts with wheels to be delivered starting in mid-February 2021.
  • One cart will be provided for each of the three waste streams: recycling, compostables and garbage. Information on using the carts and a new collection schedule will be delivered with the carts.
  • Usage of new carts will start on Monday, April 19, 2021.
  • The 240 litre carts will be used for 90 days, after which time, residents will be able to request to upsize (to a 360 litre) or downsize (to a 120 litre) their cart, depending on their household’s waste needs. Information on the cart exchange options and process will be shared in the coming months.

The new program will also mean a change in pick-up frequency and collection dates. Compostables will continue to be collected weekly. Recycling pick-up will change to every-other week and will alternate weeks with garbage collection. The City recommends that residents download the free Abbotsford Curbside Collection app to stay up to date on schedule changes. The app allows City staff to send customized messages directly to mobile devices, and allows residents to set up reminders for collection days and easy access to the Waste Wizard, an online lookup tool for waste disposal. View more information on our mobile apps.

The City is still looking at available options for glass and large item collection. If these additional services are able to be offered to residents, further information will be provided in 2021.
View curbside collection program for more information.For more information, contact:
Alex Mitchell
Public Affairs Officer
T: 604 751 3092