Abbotsford Residents Report High Levels of Satisfaction in 2020 Quality of Life Survey

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Results from a Quality of Life Survey conducted by the City of Abbotsford in fall/winter 2020 show that Abbotsford residents have a high level of satisfaction in their connection to community and quality of life, while indicating opportunities for future improvement.

The City proactively sought information to determine levels of satisfaction by commissioning the design and implementation of a comprehensive survey of residents. This Quality of Life Survey will serve as a baseline measure of community sentiment that can be referenced against future community Quality of Life surveys.

A random sample of over 500 people were surveyed by telephone between October 14, 2020 and November 2, 2020, as well as an online public survey was available on

Overall, City of Abbotsford residents have a strong sense of community and are positive about their quality of life.

  • A total of 80% of respondents indicated that they are optimistic about their future
  • 75% confirmed that the City of Abbotsford is generally doing a good job delivering services
  • 91% were satisfied or very satisfied with opportunities to enjoy nature
  •  Residents have a high level of trust for neighbours at 86% and 85% for local businesses
  • At least quarterly, 55% of residents donate money, and 36% volunteer their time
  • 59% of residents have a strong sense of belonging to their community

The survey also looked at local issues in which homelessness, housing affordability, and mental illness ranked highest in terms of seriousness for Abbotsford residents.

Based on the telephone survey sampling and data collection methods, the results of this telephone survey can be said to represent the population of the City of Abbotsford within a margin of error of +/- 4.29%, 95 times out of 100.

Recognizing that 2020 has been far from typical, some questions were updated to have respondents indicate which activities and interests they participated in over 2019, prior to the COVID-19 gathering restrictions being put in place.


The City has a critical role in supporting and providing services, programs and amenities that help to provide a robust quality of life for residents. Abbotsford City Council has a vision that sees Abbotsford as the Hub of the Fraser Valley; a community with a vibrant and thriving economy, with inclusive safe and green neighbourhoods, connected to convenient and affordable transportation and vibrant commercial centres build on the foundation of our cultural heritage and natural beauty.


“While this past year has been unlike any other, the results of our bi-annual Quality of Life Survey highlight the strength and connectedness of our community. Abbotsford residents care about one another, and experience a generally high quality of life. The responses from this survey also equip Council with information that will assist with progressing a more complete community with a vibrant economy rooted in fiscal discipline and organizational alignment.”   Henry Braun, Mayor, City of Abbotsford

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