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  • Existing suite registration fee (infrastructure fee also required for current year) - $572
  • New suite registration fee - $260
  • Infrastructure fee paid through property taxes on annual basis - $260
  • Suite removal permit - $75  

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Unauthorized Secondary Suites

Please note that all necessary permits must be in place for a secondary suite. In addition, permits are required for all building and plumbing alterations and improvements and must meet BC Building Code compliance standards.

If the City becomes aware of an unauthorized suite, either through a Bylaw complaint or other means, a thorough investigation will be conducted by City Bylaw Officers to determine whether a suite removal permit is required. Typically, when there is a separate area downstairs that has locking doors separating it from the remainder of the principal dwelling and it has a kitchen with a cooking device, it is considered a separate dwelling unit.

Property owners with unauthorized suites may be subject to a $500 fine per day under the Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 3017-2020 for every day that a suite is not registered. To avoid being fined, property owners must register their secondary suites with the Building Permits & Licences Division.

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Suite Removal

If an owner chooses to remove a suite independent of a Bylaw complaint or Services file, a suite removal fee of $75 is to be paid (this fee is increase to $260 where there are two (2) or more non-conforming suites being removed).

An inspection is done by a City official to confirm the suite has been removed. Once the City has confirmed that the suite is removed, the property tax base is changed. Any suites not removed by May 1 will have the $260 infrastructure fee included in the property tax notice for that current year.

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