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2014 Zoning Bylaw Update

Abbotsford Zoning Bylaw

The 2014 Zoning Bylaw Update was completed on September 15, 2014 with the adoption of the new Zoning Bylaw No. 2400-2014, which replaces the 1996 Bylaw. This comprehensive update improves the City’s regulations, providing a legally resilient accessible and easily understandable document, and decreases the quantity of staff time needed for each development application, and advances the vision of the Official Community Plan while providing better service to our customers. Further details describing the recent changes can be found below contained within the staff reports and open house panels.

The previous Zoning Bylaw had not received a comprehensive review in nearly eighteen years, and as a result caused significant challenges to property and business owners proposing to make simple property improvements. These resulted in, but not limited to:

  • An increased number of Variances on development applications; and
  • An increased requirement for Comprehensive Development Zones (site specific customized zones).

The additional workload created by the 1996 Zoning Bylaw caused the City considerable staffing costs annually as well as increases the complexity of each development application, causing unnecessary complexities for a property owner. These updates are intended to simplify and clearly articulate the Zoning regulations for properties within the City of Abbotsford, with the exception of the former Area H lands, which remain regulated by the Sumas Mountain Rural Land Use Bylaw (500-1992).

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Summary of Key Dates 

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