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Urban 3 - Infill Study


The Urban Infill Study commenced November 2017 and is scheduled for completion by July
2018. The purpose of the study is to clarify the City’s objectives and intent for the Urban 3 - Infill land use designation in the Official Community Plan (OCP), which applies to approximately 5,600 lots in existing neighbourhoods surrounding Abbotsford’s urban core. The OCP provides general direction for redevelopment within this land use, however more detailed zoning regulations and guidelines are needed to provide clarity. 

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Stage 1 – Background

Building on the OCP, Stage 1 of the Urban 3 - Infill Study analyzed approximately 5,600 lots in the Urban 3 - Infill land use designation. This work was intended to ensure that options prepared in Stage 2, and zoning regulations and guidelines prepared in Stage 3, are context-specific, responding to existing conditions and issues in existing neighbourhoods.

Staff presented a Stage 1 summary package to Council on February 19, 2018 and received direction from Council to proceed to Stage 2. Please see Council Report PDS 020-2018 (item 6.8.1) for further details about Stage 1, including a summary of findings.  A project bulletin was released on February 20, 2018 to explain the interim approach for rezoning applications while the Urban 3 – Infill Study is underway.

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Stage 2 – Options

Stage 2 is currently underway and consists of preparation of concepts and options for community engagement. An update on work completed to date was presented to Council on April 30, 2018; please see Council Report PDS 050-2018  for details

OPEN HOUSE - May 15, 16 and 17, 2018
Join us at an upcoming open house!

  • Open House Panels are available for download here

Staff will report back to Council after the open houses with a summary of public input and a set of preferred concepts.

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Stage 3 – Draft Regulations

With Council’s direction, Stage 3 will include preparing and testing draft infill zoning regulations and guidelines, based on the preferred concepts from Stage 2. Stage 3 deliverables are scheduled to be complete and presented to Council by the end of July 2018, resulting in infill zoning regulations ready for bylaw readings following Stage 3. Regulations could address issues such as lot size and width, house size and height, parking, density, setbacks and other aspects of infill development.

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