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CityStudio Abbotsford

A partnership program between the City of Abbotsford and the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and challenges university students to tackle civic issues and provide prototype solutions.  CityStudio supports the launch of experimental projects as part of an immersive and innovative education experience where students and faculty connect with City staff to research, design, and implement projects through which they develop job skills, experience group processes, and network with sector experts.

CityStudio 2018 Annual Report

CityStudio Abbotsford Celebrates One Year of Innovative City Building

Letter to the City of Abbotsford from Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson 

CityStudio Process
CityStudio Challenges - Winter 2019
CityStudio Challenges - Fall 2018
CityStudio Challenges - Summer 2018
CityStudio Challenges - Winter 2018


  • Brings fresh perspectives to face Abbotsford’s challenges
  • Provides an opportunity for students to make a real and hands-on impact
  • Supports the City’s Strategic Plan
  • Uncovers new ideas from City staff
  • Provides City staff with feedback on real life prototypes
  • Gives students the freedom to experiment in ways the City can’t
  • Creates youth engagement in local government
  • Encourages engaged talent to remain in Abbotsford

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CityStudio Secondary Pilot

A partnership with School District 34 through Rick Hansen Secondary School (RHSS) in a CityStudio style pilot to connect youth and class projects to their community. Providing opportunities to students to gain experiential learning in their field of study by tackling municipal challenges as class projects and City staff to work with innovative student teams in addressing community challenges with a new perspective.

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The Hubbub

An interactive project showcase taking place twice a year that  brings together UFV students to share their projects, findings and recommendations with city staff, peers and engaged community members.  Staff also have a chance to vote for their favourite project and mingle with the students, City staff, faculty and instructors, CityStudio team, and others from the innovation community.

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2019 Hubbub

2019 Hubbub Video

April 4, 2019 Hubbub #3 Compilation Video

Hubbub Awards Winners (Winter 2019)

Participants from the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and Rick Hansen Secondary School (RHSS)

    CityStudio Team Award

    • UFV:     Access to Public Facilities – On the go, gotta go?
    • RHSS:  Attracting international entrepreneurial businesses - Bringing Businesses Together

    People's Choice

    • UFV:    Willband Creek Biodiversity - American Bullfrog Removal
    • RHSS: Things for Youth to do in Abbotsford - Reduce the Stigma of nothing to do in the Abbotsford

    Honourable Mention - UFV

    • The Willband Creek Biodiversity - Prevention of Himalayan Balsam Invasive Species

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    2018 Hubbub

    2018 Hubbub Video

    December 4, 2018 Hubbub #2 Compilation Video

    April 4, 2018 Hubbub ​#1 Compilation Video

    Hubbub Awards Winners (Summer/Fall 2018)

    Participants from the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and Rick Hansen Secondary School (RHSS)

    CityStudio Team Award

    • UFV:     Increasing Wetland Biodiversity through Habitat Restoration and Community Stewardship
    • RHSS:  The Eden Project

    People's Choice

    • UFV:    Human Powered Charging Station
    • RHSS: The Eden Project

    Honourable Mention - UFV

    • The Effects of Drying and Cutting on Parrot Feather Growth
    • Canvas Tote Bag Souvenir


    Hubbub Awards Winners (Winter 2018)

    Participants from the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV)

    CityStudio Team Award

      • Reducing Litter in our Parks

    People’s Choice  

      • Delair Park Pump Station - Community Art
      • Creating Engaging Public Spaces – The Hive

    Honourable Mention

      • Neighbourhood Pride - Hey Neighbour!

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