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Gladys Road Supportive Housing Project

  • The Project
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  • The Project

    The City of Abbotsford is proposing an Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw amendment for a future supportive housing development located at 2697, 2695, 2693, 2687, 2681 and 2679 Gladys Avenue.

    This proposal aligns with the overall recommendations and direction of the Council's Task Force on Homelessness and is a proactive approach to securing potential capital and operational funding for a future development.

    The OCP and Rezoning Bylaws will be accompanied by a Housing Agreement that will outline provisions relating to occupancy, entrance criteria, resident conduct, visiting hours and facility management.

    For more information about the Supportive Housing initiative, view the story boards from the Public Information Meeting, held on October 1, 2014.

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    Update No. 1

    The Public Hearing was held on November 3, 2014. Council granted the 3rd reading of the OCP and Rezoning Bylaw at their regular meeting following the Public Hearing.  For more information see Report No. PDS 141-2014.

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    Update No. 2

    On January 29, 2015 Abbotsford City Council granted adoption to the OCP and Rezoning Bylaws which rezones the subject properties N37 and allows for the future construction of a Supportive Housing Development on the subject property. Once provincial funding is secured and a future operator is identified, the proponent will be required to finalize a housing agreement and complete a Form and Character Development Permit prior to proceeding with construction. For background information, please see Report No. PDS 141-2014

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    Update No. 3

    On September 24, 2015 City staff received the submission of a Form and Character Development Permit Application for a 4-storey, 30-bed supportive housing development. The proposal also includes a caretaker suite and common resident spaces. The application is presently under review.

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    Update No. 4

    In February and March of 2016 the following approvals were obtained in regard to the development of the proposed 30-unit with caretaker supportive housing development at 2719 Gladys Avenue:

    • Approval of a Memorandum of Understanding highlighting the key responsibilities and contributions of the City, BC Housing and the Provincial Rental Housing Corporation;
    • Approval of a 60-year lease with the Provincial Rental Housing Corporation for the subject property;
    • Adoption of a Housing Agreement in accordance with the requirements of the Zoning Bylaw outlining the City’s expectation in regard to the operation and management of the development; and
    • Issuance of a Multiple Family Form and Character Development Permit through the authority delegated to the Director of Planning or designate.

    The proponent is presently working through the Building Permit process and construction is anticipated to being in Spring of 2016.

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    Update No. 5

    This spring the construction of the 30-unit plus caretaker supportive housing development began. The Building Permit for this project was issued on March 11, 2016 by the City’s License and Permits Department and in April the foundation was installed and inspected.  At the end of April required soil work began and preparation of the site for retaining structures required along the North property boundary were prepared.  The construction is expected to take 1-year to complete.

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    Update No. 6

    The 30-unit supportive housing development on Gladys Avenue is progressing through construction as planned. The building is now fully framed with inside works including insulation and drywall moving forward quickly. Offsite works including sidewalk installation are scheduled to begin in mid-to-late November. Construction and occupancy is expected to finish in early 2017 with dates to be confirmed as construction nears completion. The operator of the facility (Abbotsford Community Services) is beginning to prepare an occupancy strategy and a Good Neighbour Committee comprising representatives from ACS, Fraser Health, the City and the surrounding neighbourhood are meeting monthly to discuss issues pertinent to the development.

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    Final Update

    Construction is now complete and occupancy for this development was granted February 4, 2017. Tenant move-in is expected to occur over the next couple of months with the first 5 residents set to move in during the first week of March 2017. Interviews and tenant selection for the remaining units are on-going. As part of the occupancy strategy, tenant move-ins are anticipated to occur intermittently. The Good Neighbour Committee is continuing to meet monthly with active participation from residents, service providers, and the Abbotsford Police Department. For any inquiries regarding the Gladys Avenue Supportive Housing development please email the operator at Abbotsford Community Services.   

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