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Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan (OCP) Purpose

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is one of the City’s most important tools. It helps influence the way our community grows and develops by guiding how land can be used. Land use and development influence all parts of our daily lives: where we live, work and play.

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2016 Abbotsforward OCP

In June 2016, Council adopted a new Official Community Plan (Bylaw 2600-2016) that was developed through the Abbotsforward project. The new OCP plans for a future city of 200,000 people and focuses 75% of new growth in existing neighbourhoods. It does this by supporting a ‘city of centres’, including a City Centre, Urban Centres, and Neighbourhood Centres, and promoting growth in areas where it is financially sustainable by using existing infrastructure and amenities. The Plan also aligns itself with new priorities like making walking, biking, and transit delightful, and creating a city centre.

Information about future land uses and development permit areas can be found using the City’s online mapping tool.

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Make the Plan Work

An Official Community Plan is implemented through a variety of other tools including the Development Bylaw, Development Cost Charges, capital improvements, neighbourhood plans, and annual budgets. One of the first projects being completed to implement the new OCP is a neighbourhood plan for the UDistrict.

Continue to check back here for new and updated projects the City is doing to ‘make the plan work’.

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Housekeeping Amendments

In an effort to continually update the Official Community Plan, ensuring it adapts to changes in the community and development industry, the City is completing housekeeping updates on a regular basis.

The first housekeeping amendment has received initial bylaw readings and is available for viewing here:

A Public Hearing is scheduled for March 5, 2018, where residents can speak directly to Council about the OCP housekeeping amendment bylaw. Following this Public Hearing, the bylaw will proceed to an additional Council meeting for their consideration and adoption.

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