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2018 BC Building Code Updates

The 2018 British Columbia Building Code comes into effect on December 10, 2018.

The new 2018 BC Building Code, BC Plumbing Code and BC Fire Code will bring a number of changes for new construction and building alterations, as well as fire safety in new and existing buildings. 

Some of the changes include:

  • Increase in Minimum Run dimension for Private (Single family dwelling) stairs;
  • Sound transmission requirements Part 5 and Part 9;
  • The method for determining run for winders and tapered treads has changed;
  • New requirements for installing “Exterior Insulation Finish Systems”; and
  • New requirements for the use of foamed plastic insulation for heating ducts.

The Government BC Information Bulletin 2018 Edition of the BCBC can be view here

Review the Upcoming Code Changes here

How does this affect you?

To be considered under the 2012 code requirements, building permit applications must be submitted to the City of Abbotsford’s Building Division by 4:00 pm, Friday December 07, 2018.

The building permit application package must be complete, for the application to be deemed acceptable. Once accepted, the permit will be processed as submitted. Significant design changes submitted after December 7, 2018 may be subjected to the 2018 BC Building Code.

Complete a fillable Residential Building Permit Application Package 

For new Commercial, Multi-Family, Institutional or Industrial projects, please contact Paul Bogunovic, Manager Plan Checking, to arrange for an intake meeting, to ensure that the submission package is acceptable.