Density Bonusing & Community Amenity Contributions

The City is beginning a review and update to Density Bonusing and Community Amenity Contributions. This work is being done to help achieve the goals of many recently adopted City plans and strategies, including the Official Community Plan; Affordable Housing Strategy; Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan; Transportation and Transit Master Plan; and the City Centre, Historic Downtown, and UDistrict Neighbourhood Plans.

As we work on this update process, details about the project and engagement opportunities will be added to this website and on Let’s Talk Abbotsford.

The City’s current Community Benefit Contribution, negotiated through rezoning, is being amended as an interim step towards updating these programs. The total contribution amount remains the same, but the allocation of the benefit is being shared by 3 amenities instead of the current 2 amenities. Details about this change can be found in the CBC Update Bulletin