Freshet 2021 Update

Based on June 3rd information from the Province of BC's River Forecast Centre, the Fraser River's water level is set to rise to the point where residents living in areas along the Matsqui Dyke may experience pooling of water or seepage in local fields over the next 5 to 7 days. Detailed flood information is available on the City’s website at and also available through the @abbotsford app. Residents are encouraged to download the app and ‘allow’ notifications from the app as users will receive notifications right to their smart device when and if the freshet conditions change.

The City website provides flood information for the Fraser River, including emergency planning and response, runoff conditions and information for residents living in the floodplain. Residents in the floodplain are advised to familiarize themselves with the flood preparedness information.

Seasonal weather during the snow melt season is a critical factor in determining the size of freshet, and whether or not flooding will occur. Intense or prolonged rainfall and extreme temperatures are important factors that can lead to larger freshets.

The City of Abbotsford has an extensive dyking network to protect the community from floods on the Fraser and Sumas River systems. The City inspects and maintains the dykes and related infrastructure on a routine basis to keep the system functioning as designed. City staff are closely monitoring snow pack and runoff forecasts provided by the Ministry of Environment and the readings on the Mission Gauge, which is the main indicator of the rising water level of the Fraser River.

Flood Preparation

Alert Level