2023 Freshet Update - Parking Lot at Matsqui Regional Park Closed 

The main parking lot at Matsqui Trail regional park is closed until further notice due to flooding in the area. Alternative parking along Tall Road called the equestrian parking lot will remain open. Residents should use caution and stay away from flooded trails, fast flowing waters and riverbanks.     BC Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness shared a 10-day water forecast for the lower Fraser River advising that the daily peak level of Fraser River in Mission will likely rise up to 5.8 metres by May 21. This is lower than the 6.4 metre peak experienced in 2012. Please note that at this time, no alerts have been issued for this area. Residents living in areas along the Matsqui Dike and Glen Valley Area’s may experience pooling of water or seepage. Residents are encouraged to stay away from high rising and fast flowing waters.  

For all Freshet information and updates, please visit www.abbotsford.ca/freshet

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