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Mid-Year & Annual Reports

The Planning and Development Services Mid-Year and Annual Reports were created to provide statistical information and outline accomplishments on development activity and trends, and departmental initiatives.



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Quarterly Reports

The Planning and Development Services Quarterly Reports were created from 2014 - 2017 to provide statistical information and outline accomplishments on development activity and trends and departmental initiatives.





The City of Abbotsford's Annual, Departmental and Financial reports can be downloaded for more detailed information.

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Demographic Profiles

Demographic Profiles were first released in 2011 using 2006 Census data to provide more detailed information about the city and its community areas. The City updated the profiles in 2014 using data from the 2011 Census, National Household Survey and Census of Agriculture. The 2014 update includes six new profiles representing Abbotsford’s rural community areas. 

Each of the profiles contains information about population, income, education, employment, diversity, families and housing. Urban profiles include a section about the Official Community Plan, while rural profiles include a section about agriculture.

Community Area

2014 Demographic Profiles

(2011 data)
2011 Demographic Profiles

(2006 data)
Abbotsford Summary (pdf format)   (digital format) (pdf format)
Abbotsford Centre (pdf format)   (digital format) (pdf format)
Aberdeen (pdf format)   (digital format)   
Babich (pdf format)   (digital format)  (pdf format)
Bradner - Mt.Lehman (pdf format)   (digital format)   
Clearbrook Centre (pdf format)   (digital format) (pdf format)
East Townline (pdf format)   (digital format)  (pdf format)
Fairfield (pdf format)   (digital format)   (pdf format)
Matsqui Prairie (pdf format)   (digital format)   
McMillan (pdf format)   (digital format)  (pdf format)
Mill Lake (pdf format)   (digital format)  (pdf format)
Old Clayburn (pdf format)   (digital format)  (pdf format)
South Clearbrook (pdf format)   (digital format) (pdf format)
South Poplar (pdf format)   (digital format)   
Sumas Mountain (pdf format)   (digital format)   
Sumas Prairie (pdf format)   (digital format)   
West Clearbrook (pdf format)   (digital format)  (pdf format)
West Townline (pdf format)   (digital format)  (pdf format)
Whatcom (pdf format)   (digital format)  (pdf format)

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