U District

In early 2011 City staff began developing a 30-year planning concept for the area around the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), known as the ‘U District’. The U District is located to the south of Highway 1, within the City’s Urban Development Boundary (UDB). It is approximately 365 acres in size and has a population of over 2,000 residents. The U District is home to the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre (AESC). UFV has been rated one of the best public universities in British Columbia and is quickly reaching capacity at its existing facilities.

U District Vision

On May 14, 2012 Abbotsford Council officially endorsed the conceptual U District Vision (see the U District Vision Report to Council). The development of the vision was informed by an extensive public consultation process that engaged UFV staff and students, U District land owners and residents, the development industry, City committees, City staff and the public. The document provides a context for future development in this strategic location so that new development will support the long-term growth and diversification of UFV and the surrounding area. The vision also provides planned and predictable development direction. This direction offers residential, commercial and applied research investment opportunities that encourage mixed-use, amenity-rich and ‘green’ development supporting UFV and the AESC, and capitalizing on the new McCallum Interchange and future transit expansions.

Next Steps

The U District vision document, along with a U District website and related materials, will be utilized to promote this strategic area of the City.

Building upon the development concept outlined in the U District vision document, a detailed land use plan will be created and incorporated into the Official Community Plan (OCP). As part of the land use planning process, a detailed servicing strategy will also be developed.

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