Air Quality

Air Quality Health Index

The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) provides information to help residents protect their health on a daily basis from the negative effects of air pollution.  More information about air quality and the current index ratings for Abbotsford is available from the Air Quality Health Index - Central Fraser Valley, BC

Air Quality Monitoring

In addition to the AQHI, a more traditional Air Quality Index (AQI) is also developed for Abbotsford based on the information collected at the air quality monitoring station located at Mill Lake Park.  Air contaminants such as carbon monoxide, fine particulate matter and ozone are used to construct the AQI.  The current AQI and levels of air contaminants, are available from the “Abbotsford Central” link, at Metro Vancouver, Air Quality Index.

Air Pollution and Air Quality Enforcement

Air emissions and air pollution are within the authority of the BC Ministry of Environment under the Environmental Management Act.  The Environmental Protection Division of the Lower Mainland Region (office located in Surrey) is specifically responsible for the Abbotsford area. 

Air Quality Management Planning

The Fraser Valley Regional District oversees a regional air quality program designed to reduce emissions and improve air quality.  For more information visit the Air Quality Program at the FVRD.