Economic Development Action Plan

The Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Prosperity was announced by the Mayor in November 2011 at the Chamber’s annual luncheon. The Task Force is a community venture that includes representation from a variety of local business and development interests.

The Task Force’s mandate was to develop a series of initiatives about how to grow and develop Abbotsford as a great place to live, work, and do business. In particular, they were to identify ways that the City could facilitate and advance the economic well-being of the community, including its citizens, businesses, and institutions. Since January 2012 the Task Force has developed 9 Objectives and 58 Actions through brainstorming, meetings, and open houses.

The Economic Development Strategy helps direct the work of the City in order to achieve fiscal and economic sustainability, and sets a vision that Abbotsford be an economically sustainable, livable and prosperous City.

Economic Development Action Plan
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